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  •  Local Cherries (Stockton)- juicy, sweet and plump, 16# case 
  • Apricots (Central Valley)- 18# case
    (Local variety coming in June)
  • Farmer's Market Strawberries (Watsonville)- juicy, sweet, large berries with deep red color, 12# flat
  • Fava Beans (California)- 25# case, $45.75 or $2.25 per pound (also available from Del Rio Botanicals in a 10# case)  
  • Local Honey (Woodland)- 5 varieties with unique flavors, colors and aromas such as Orange Blossom, California Pomegranate and California Coriander, Yellow Star Thistle, Local Wildflower
  • Cordillera Chocolate- 9 Premium Varieties with Delicious Flavor & Aroma, High Shine & Consistency
  • Nut Butters (Woodland)- fresh, smooth and spreadable California Almond Butter & California Nut (made with almonds, filberts & cashews)


  • Honey Fruit Spreads (Woodland)- perfect for cheese boards, baking, pie filling or on breakfast toast 


  • Green Almonds (California)- 5#, $35.75
  • Marcona Almonds- 5# case, $75.75
  • Pacific Organic Almond Milk- 12 qt. case, $32.75



(updated 4/21/17) Winter rains caused planting gaps that have led to a statewide shortage of leafy greens resulting in a drastic spike in pricing.The recent price surge is expected to continue into the middle of May. The market continues to be strong and we do not anticipate major relief for another 3-4 weeks. Yields and quality are improving as the warm weather increases. Romaine, Green Leaf, and Red Leaf Lettuces are currently priced in the mid to high 50's, which is down from last week and will continue to ease. Romaine Hearts and Hearts of Romaine are priced in the low to mid 50's. Chopped Romaine pricing is in the mid 50's. Iceberg Lettuce supplies are extremely limited and the "gap" will be a few weeks longer, with pricing in the high 50's to low 60's. The surge on iceberg pricing is strongly affecting pricing on Shredded Lettuce (low to mid 20's) and Salad Mix (mid to high 20's). Increased demand for Cabbage, a popular substitute for Iceberg, is causing a rise in cabbage pricing as well. Other crops being affected include Butter Lettuce, Spinach, Baby Spinach, Spring Mix (and its ingredients), as well as Arugulas, Broccoli buds and Cauliflower.

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    Our Local Farm

    Del Rio Botanicals, growing a unique blend of organically grown products year round, supplying our local chefs with the best in organic produce.
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    Our Dairy Products

    Clover Stornetta products start from milk sourced from a large group of family run dairy farms located in Marin, Sonoma and Mendocino counties.
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    Our Specialty Products

    From locally grown cold-pressed virgin olive oils and small batch vinegars to dried fruits and nuts and excellent canned tomato products, you will find it all right here...
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    Our Cheeses

    We offer a variety of farmstead cheeses produced by local family farmers who use sustainable farming practices and maintain a hormone free herd that grazes freely on organic green pasture.
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