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JULY 10, 2018



  • AVOCADOS: California season winding down; Mexico is in between crops. Market up into high $40’s. South American imports should arrive in two weeks to ease East Coast demand. Market expected to be very strong for a couple of months.
  • BERRIES: Strawberries– market up slightly as warmer temps knock out Southern California growers. Blackberries- market finally easing into low $30’s. Blueberries– down slightly into low $20’s. Raspberries– low $30’s. Local Boysenberries and Mulberries- done for the season.
  • CITRUS: Lemons– market very strong; supplies typically short this time of year from Southern California; look for prices to get into low $40’s very soon. Limes– market back down into low $20’s. Oranges– market steady and strong; we are seeing some “re-greening” caused by heat. Tangerines– only imported are available. Blood Oranges, Cara Cara and Kumquats– done; not in season!
  • MELONS: Mixed Melons– starting locally this week from R. Kelley Farms and Pilz Produce. Cantaloupe and Honeydews– coming from Central California growers with the market down into low-mid teens; quality, flavor, and ripeness are improving. Seedless and Black Seedless Watermelon– from Vierra Farms; very good quality and flavor.
  • STONEFRUIT: Peaches– Twin Peaks Orchard fruit has been outstanding. Nectarines– currently sourcing yellow and white fruit from J&J Ramos in Lodi; Twin Peaks will start up again later this week/weekend. Plums– excellent from Twin Peaks. Pluots– great quality from J&J Ramos. Apricots– last crop from Esparto; we will switch back to Central California (Patterson).


  • ARTICHOKE: Thornless variety from Castroville/Watsonville area down into mid $20’s on all sized chokes. Baby Chokes– small to medium loose sized in mid $40’s.
  • ASPARAGUS: California season is finished. Now stocking 11# cases from Mexico. Market dropping into high $30’s; sizing options limited. Thinner “grass” doesn’t travel well.
  • BEANS: Bluelakes, Local French (untrimmed), Romano, and Yellow Wax– outstanding supply coming from Dwelley Farms (Brentwood); sold by the case or pound. Cranberry (shelling)- available by the 15# case only. Trimmed French Beans– from Mexico; please specify trimmed or local when ordering.
  • BRUSSEL SPROUTS: Coastal growers are done! Market is very strong (mid $40’s) on product from Mexico.
  • CORN: White and Yellow– from Brentwood and Dixon Ridge. Super sweet variety is at its seasonal best!
  • CUCUMBERS: Local crops are just starting. We have a “White” Cucumber from Castaneda Bros. that is similar to a lemon cucumber except long and narrow (like a small traditional cuke); 10# case for $15.75. Del Rio Cucumbers should start in 1-2 weeks.
  • LETTUCE: Iceberg and Leaf Varieties at seasonal norms. All lettuces and Spring Mixes are sourced from Salinas/Watsonville area.
  • PEPPERS: Gypsy’s (Yellow) and Padrons– local crop available from Riverdog Farm. Green Bells– steady in high teens. Red Bells– high $20’s. Yellow Bells– high $30’s. Jalapeno and Tomatillo– local crop starting from Maciel Farms.
  • TOMATOES: Local Heirlooms and Mixed Medley Tomatoes- starting very slow due to cooler than normal temperatures, especially in the evenings. We have “True-Vine” Shady Lady Slicers- from Uncle Ray. We are just starting single variety heirlooms and are stocking a Toy Box to keep up with demand. Please specify LOCAL and we will do our best to supply you with Ray’s product only. Mixed Medley Cherry Tomato– we should be able to meet demand with all local product by the end of the week; we will use Del Rio, Riverdog, and Capay Organics.