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Market Movers- Week of November 13, 2017

week of November 13, 2017



  • APPLES: Last chance at Apple Hill apples. Supplies may last until Thanksgiving. Buy early so we don’t disappoint. We have Fuji, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Pippen, Red Delicious and Red Rome in stock.
  • ARTICHOKE:Market stronger on all sizes. Coastal growers are done. Now arriving from the south.
  • AVOCADO: Market continuing downward currently in the low 40’s.
  • ASPARAGUS: Mexican product slightly higher. Market will reach high 30’s by the weekend. White Asparagus available by the 11# case only.
  • BERRIES: Strawberry market escalating rapidly. Currently high 20’s and expected to reach low-mid 30’s by the weekend. Holiday demand is strong and growth is slow by cooler weather. Raspberries up into low 30’s; Blackberries in mid 20’s; Blueberries in high 30’s. Fresh Cranberries are available by the case or 12oz bag.
  • BEANS: Dwelley is done. Bluelakes arriving from Coachella. Yellow Wax and Romano are limited.
  • CITRUS: Oranges continue to improve on all sizes. The market is down in the mid 20’s. Local Satsumas are good and will improve with a cold snap. We are not expecting domestic Blood Oranges until late December. Lime market is stronger and heading toward high 20’s.
  • BROCCOLI: Market steady and strong in mid 20’s on bunched and crowns.
  • GRAPES: California Grapes are now in storage. Market will increase on all varieties. Imported Grapes may start as soon as   2-3 weeks.
  • BRUSSEL SPROUTS: Market steady and strong in the high 40’s. Coastal product has been very good.
  • MELONS: Cantaloupe, Honeydew, and Seedless Watermelon are steady. Quality above average seasonal norms.
  • CARROTS: Jumbo Carrots still above normal pricing. Sourcing from California and Canada.
  •  PEARS: All Pear varieties are now arriving from the Northwest. We have Bartlett, Bosc, Comice, D’Anjou, Red D’Anjou, and Seckel (not small). Quince available by the case only.
  • CELERY: Market stronger due to holiday demand and annual transition to Southern fields.
 **SPECIAL NOTE: We have a limited supply of fall decorative items: Gourds, Indian Corn, Mini Pumpkins and full size Pumpkins. Order early or your opportunity may be missed.**
  • LETTUCE: Most Leaf Lettuces and Iceberg arriving from Huron. Southern transition to Coachella and Palm Desert will be completed the week of Thanksgiving. Markets will be up slightly due to increased freight costs.
  • PEPPERS: Green Bell Peppers market up slightly into low 20’s. Red Bell Market on fire. Market jumping rapidly into high 30’s. Yellow Bell market also stronger in the low 30’s.
  • SQUASH: Italian and Yellow from Southern grower as well as Castaneda. Gold Bar very limited. Local Butternut, Kabocha, Red Kabocha, and Spaghetti still available from Ray Yeung.
  • TOMATOES: Market very strong. As California finishes, Mexico struggles to fill demand. Florida crops devastated by September and October tropical storms. Markets in low 30’s on all sizes. Best value: Romas in mid 20’s.