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Market Movers- Week of April 16, 2018

week of april 16, 2018



  • AVOCADO: Market continues to “creep” upward. California fruit still inferior and more expensive than Mexican fruit. Mexican grown avocados had outstanding oil content which translates to better flavor.
  • ARTICHOKES: Market very strong. Coastal growers are very slow to start. All sizes in low-mid $40’s.
  • BANANAS: Market remains steady and normal.
  • ASPARAGUS: Market has continued downward on California/Delta grown asparagus. Market currently in low $40’s on 28# cases. Mexican grown product slightly less in price, but inferior quality and freshness. The market is anticipated to increase towards the weekend.
  • BERRIES: Strawberries– all three California growing regions (Oxnard, Santa Maria, and Watsonville) are harvesting. Quality continues to improve despite occasional rain and overcast skies. Blackberries & Blueberries– market up slightly; mid $20’s. Raspberries– market up drastically as imports wind down and California struggles to start. Market in low $40’s.
  • BEANS: Bluelakes– Mexican grown beans are down slightly; quality continues to be very good. California starting this week. The first pick is generally very rough– light in color and inconsistent sizing. We will wait a week or so.
  • CITRUS: Lemons- market steady. Limes– market starting to ease on small fruit (230 count); large fruit (150ct & 175ct) should start to slide next week. Local Naval Oranges, Mandarins, & Cara Caras still arriving from local grower, J&J Ramos (Lodi).
  • BRUSSELS SPROUTS: California season winding down. Market in mid-high $20’s.
  • GRAPESRed Grapes– steady with excellent flavor. Green Grapes– considerably high as season matures in Chile; market in mid-high $40’s.
  • CORN: Yellow and White California grown corn has started. Market will “ease” into high $20’s by the weekend.
  • MELONS: Cantaloupes & Honeydews– markets slightly higher on imported fruit.
  • LETTUCES: Transition from Southern “desert” growing region to Northern Salinas Valley region is complete. Romaine & Romaine Hearts– we should start to see relief in a week or two. Visit our homepage for updated information about the Chopped Romaine alert.
  • STONEFRUIT: Apricots & Cherries– expected early to mid May. Nectarines, Peaches, & Plums– will start later. Continued sporadic wet weather not helping trees in bloom.
  • PEPPERS: Green Bells- market down slightly as Coachella starts to harvest. Red Bells- market up considerably as Mexico starts to gap and finish. Market currently in high $20’s/low $30’s.
  • SQUASH: Italian & Yellow– somewhat steady in high teens.
  • EGGS: Market sliding as global pressure caused by bird flu has eased drastically. FINALLY!