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Market Movers- Week of December 4, 2017

week of December 4, 2017



  • AVOCADO: The avocado market has turned quickly upward. Growers quit picking early last week to drive price up and clean up surplus fruit at the border. Prices will be in the mid $40’s by the weekend.
  • ARTICHOKE: Market will ease slightly on product from the desert region. All sizes available.
  • BERRIES: Strawberry market has eased slightly. Shelf life is still poor due to cold/damp weather; sizing is smaller than normal. Raspberries– mid $30’s; Blackberries– mid $20’s; Blueberries– mid $30’s. All imported.
  • ASPARAGUS: Market is as low as it can go on imported product from Mexico. Stocking mostly large and extra large. Thinner/skinnier asparagus doesn’t survive well due to long distances traveled.
  • CITRUS: Lemon and Lime markets steady on all sizes. Oranges continue to improve. Varietal grapefruit– Pummelo and Melogold– have started from Twin Peaks. Local Navel Oranges start this weekend. We have California grown Cara Cara Oranges. California Blood Oranges will start mid-December. Kumquats available by the 10# case and by the pound.
  • BEANS: Bluelake Bean market very soft in mid $20’s– great value! All French Beans are imported and have one end trimmed. There are 10/1# packages per case. Cello packaging increases shelf life and “preserves” quality. Yellow Wax Beans are in very limited quantity; only fair quality. Romano Beans are done for the season.
  • MELONS: All Melons are now imported from South America. Cantaloupe market is slightly higher.
  • BROCCOLI: Markets finally down into low-mid teens. Local Broccoli Crowns will start this weekend from Vierra Farms.
  • TROPICALS: Quality and size improving on Mangos from Brazil and Mexico. Pineapple exterior shell color and interior fruit color is improving. Flavor has been very good.
  • BRUSSEL SPROUTS: Market still in mid $40’s on coastal grown product.


  • CAULIFLOWER: Market slightly stronger on white cauliflower from Southern California and the desert. Market for all colors of Cauliflower, as well as Romanesco, is slightly stronger due to demand.


  • LETTUCE: Quality continues to improve on all varieties as Southern transition is completed. Spring Mix, Baby Lettuces, and Specialty Lettuces improving as well.
  • TOMATOES: All sizes and shapes are extremely limited. Markets heading to mid $40’s on all Rounds. Best value is the Roma Tomato. Strong limited markets due to lack of product from Mexico and non-existent product from Florida due to the hurricane this past fall.