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We have reached the time of year when asparagus growers in Mexico increase asparagus case sizes from 11 pounds to 28 pounds. This happens every year and usually coincides with the start of the California crop as supply increases and prices drop. We are hoping for California Asparagus by Valentine’s Day, and Delta Asparagus by the end of February. All anticipation is that it will be a good season with reasonable pricing.

Effective immediately, cases will only be available in 28# quantities. Asparagus can also be ordered by the pound. Please adjust your orders accordingly. If you have questions or need further explanation, please contact your Sales Representative, or call the office at 916-446-8918.


Due to forces beyond our control, Banana prices are escalating sharply and will continue to be driven up for the next few months. There is an industry-wide shortage of banana supplies due to a seasonally low production period in all growing regions.

Extended cold temperatures in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Mexico are impacting sizing, yields, and overall supply. Shipment delays are also being caused by major flooding in Costa Rica. The shortage affects both conventional and organic fruit. Expect greener fruit as ripening cycles are shortened to get fruit through the system.

Unfortunately, we expect this situation to continue well into March. If you have any questions, please contact your sales rep, or call the office at 916-446-8918.