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Market Movers- Week of February 12, 2018

week of february 12, 2018



  • AVOCADO: Market up slightly on Mexican fruit. California market close to $10 higher. Mexican growers are starting to hold fruit back to shrink the price gap.
  • ARTICHOKES: Castroville supplies extremely limited. Market stronger on all sizes..
  • BANANA: Supply issue remains very tough. Orders are being pro-rated at shipping point. Lack of fruit causing issues with ripeness as well as availability. We are trying to fill orders with desired level of ripeness.
  • ASPARAGUS: Quality sizing and pricing very favorable on Mexican product. California growers do not want to harvest until market rebounds. Currently in mid-high $30’s on 28# cases.
  • BERRIES: Strawberry market steady– no supply issues as of yet. Demand is very strong. Stemberries are in stock, and will be through Valentine’s Day and the 3-day weekend. Pre-orders highly recommended. Raspberries are in the mid-high $30’s. Blackberries and Blueberries are in the mid $20’s.
  • BEANS: Blue Lakes from Southern California steady. French Beans from Mexico steady. Yellow Wax Beans are marginal at best– time to quit.
  • CITRUS: Lemons and Limes remain steady and strong. Local Navel Oranges and Mandarins from J&J Ramos have been very good. Blood Oranges, Cara Cara, Meyer Lemons, and Kumquats available from various California sources.
  • BRUSSELS SPROUTS: Coastal grown Brussels have been outstanding. Market is in the mid-high $20’s.
  • MELONS: Cantaloupe and Honeydew steady. Prices are very favorable for this time of year. Quality has also surpassed seasonal expectations. Watermelons are slightly higher.
  • CARROTS: Market steady in mid-teens on Jumbo Carrots. Baby Round Carrots are gapping from all known growers due to a seed issue. Peeled Orange and Mixed available in 5# bags.
  • PEARS: Bartletts from the Northwest are finished for the season. Now stocking D’Anjous. Bosc and Red D’Anjou are available as well. Asian Pears very good and are increasing in popularity. Butter, Comice, and Seckles are done for the season.
  • CAULIFLOWER: White market steady in the high teens. Green, Orange, Purple, and Romanesco available.
  • SPECIALTY: Pomegranates are finally finished. Frozen Ariels available to finish menus. Imported Fuyu Persimmons will finish this weekend.
  • LETTUCES: Market steady on all varieties and packs.
  • PEPPERS: Green Bell market finally easing into high teens. Red Bell market in mid-$20’s.
  • SQUASH: Italian market up slightly. Yellow market up drastically. Locally grown Butternut is finally finished from Uncle Ray. Mexican grown product will arrive this weekend.
  • TOMATOES: Market remains steady on all sizes, shapes, and varieties.