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Market Movers- Week of March 19, 2018

week of march 19, 2018



  • AVOCADO: Market climbing as “Holy” week approaches. Mexico will not harvest next week. All laborers take that week off. California market is stronger as well due to rain in San Diego growing region. Market currently in the low $40’s and will be up a few dollars next week.
  • ARTICHOKES: All sizes have been “kissed” by frost. Outer leaves will have scarring that disappears when cooked. Market is steady in mid $30’s on all “sized” chokes. Baby Chokes- in the low $50’s.
  • BERRIES: Strawberries- have been good considering all the rain we received in Northern and Southern growing districts. Watsonville quality continues to be below par. We are sourcing from Santa Maria and Oxnard. We will not be bringing on “Farmer’s Market” type berries until quality, shelf-life, and sizing improves. Current Strawberry market is in the low-mid $20’s. No major movement anticipated for Easter. Blackberries and Blueberries– mid $30’s. Raspberries– mid to high $30’s. Stemberries- available with pre-orders recommended for Easter.
  • ASPARAGUS: California and Delta market very strong in mid $60’s on 28# cases. We are now stocking Delta grown local asparagus only. Please specify which size you would prefer when ordering. Larger sizes hold up better in cold and rainy weather.
  • CITRUS: Grapefruit– Texas Ruby Red finishing; we are transitioning into California Star Crimson/Ruby Red. Lemons- market steady in low $30’s. Limes– market continues to be very strong in the low $60’s; We are seeing some rain and cold weather damage. Market expected to remain strong until mid-late April.
  • BEANS: Market slightly stronger due to demand on Bluelakes from Mexico. All French Beans have one end trimmed. Yellow Wax Beans very marginal in quality and are expensive– we recommend not using them.
  • MELONS: Cantaloupes and Honeydews– steady in the high teens. Watermelon– down slightly; quality good but not summer great.
  • BROCCOLI: Market down slightly as transition to Northern regions begins.
  • TROPICAL: Pineapple– supplies not meeting holiday demand. Poor weather is South America causing shortages. Market is steady for now. Quality remains very good.
  • CAULIFLOWER: Market finally easing as transitional crops begin.


  • LETTUCES: Iceberg and Romaine hit the hardest by growing gap. Green and Red Leaf increasing slightly as consumer substitute. Transition to Northern fields will start Easter week. Markets on Iceberg and Romaine will ease in 2-3 weeks. Romaine Hearts limited– showing some blistering and twisted ribs.


  • SQUASH: Italian and Yellow markets easing into low $20’s. All Winter Squashes arriving from Mexico. Delicata is finished until late summer/early fall.
  • EGGS: Egg market continues to climb due to world wide bird flu epidemic. Easter demand intensifying shortage. Domestic relief hinging on new flocks of birds.