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week of may 14, 2018



  •  AVOCADO: Market steady in mid-high $30’s on Mexican fruit. California available for a few dollars more; flavor and quality inferior to Mexican product.
  • ARTICHOKES: Coastal grown artichokes are more plentiful. Market down in the low–mid $30’s on all sizes except Baby Artichokes.
  • ASPARAGUS: Market strong in the high $60’s. California growers will quit packing 28# cases next week. We will switch to 11# cases. California growers hope to harvest until the end of May. We will switch back to Mexico or South America by June 1st.
  • CITRUS: Oranges– Navel season will finish this week; all oranges will switch to California grown Valencia Oranges. We will still use Mexican Valencia for juice oranges; market slightly less but fruit is heavily scarred. Mandarins/Tangerines– local crop is finished; Southern California “Halos” will last another week or so. Lemons– steady on all sizes. Limes– market slowly dropping on larger sizes; smaller sizes are several dollars less but have less juice content.
  • BEANS: Bluelakes– from Coachella; have been outstanding. Yellow Wax Beans– continue to be below average quality and are extremely expensive. Dwelley should start early June.
  • BROCCOLI: Market stronger on bunched and crowns. Central and Northern California growers are gapping.
  • STONEFRUIT: Apricots– market in low $50’s. Cherries– good quality; market has dropped considerably into low $60’s on 16# cases from Lodi. White Peaches– now available from Twin Peaks with good flavor and sizing. Yellow Peaches and Nectarines– available from Southern California; color, flavor, ripeness, and sizing are all below average (wait for the local stuff!). Plums– still 2 weeks away.
  • CARROTS: Jumbo Carrots– market down slightly. Baby Carrots– all varieties are available.


  • CAULIFLOWER: Market very strong in high $20’s.


  • CORN: White and Yellow Corn– from Coachella, CA; quality has been very good. Sizing above average with outstanding flavor.


  • LETTUCE: Iceberg– market finally easing into low $20’s as supplies catch up to demand. Romaine– market down into mid teens. Romaine Hearts– market also sliding into low $20’s.


  • PEPPERS: Bell Peppers– market very strong as mature Mexican fields finish and California struggles to meet demands. Green market in high $20’s/low $30’s. Red and Yellow Bells– high $30’s. Consistent warm temperatures will help supplies catch up. Chile Peppers– most varieties starting in California; look for market to ease next week.