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  • APPLES: New crop Granny Smith and Fuji Apples now in stock. Apple Hill varieties available this week are Gala, Golden Delicious, and Jonathon.
  • AVOCADOS: Market has “fallen” into high $40’s on fruit from Mexico. Chilean and Peruvian imports are easing national pressure. California supplies are minimal; market considerably higher.
  • BERRIES: Strawberries– market climbing quickly into low $20’s. Growers experiencing slower growth due to overcast skies as Watsonville season finishes. Blackberries– low $30's. Blueberries– climbing quickly due to weather in South American regions. Raspberries– market down slightly.
  • CITRUS: Lemons- market finally easing as Arizona starts a new region. Limes– market stronger due to weather in South America. Oranges– market very strong as Valencia season begins to fade; smaller fruit is higher than larger fruit.
  • GRAPES: Excellent California grown Green and Red Seedless Grapes available. Champagne, Cotton Candy and other varietal grapes have finished.
  • MELONS: Cantaloupe and Honeydews– from Central California; market in low to mid teens. Mixed Melons– finished for the season. Watermelons– still arriving from Vierra Farms. Black Seedless and Yellow Watermelon- done for the season.
  • PEARS: Outstanding Bartlett, Bosc, Comice, French Butter, Red Star Crimson, and Seckle Pears in stock from local grower Stillwater Orchards. 
  • STONEFRUIT: Twin Peaks Orchard is done for the season. J&J Ramos from Lodi will continue to have Yellow and White Nectarines, Yellow and White Peaches, Plums and Pluots until early October. Apricots and Cherries- done.


  • ARTICHOKE: Cooler weather aiding artichoke growth and quality. All sizes are in the high $20’s except babies.
  • ASPARAGUS: Mexican grown product down slightly as Peruvian grown asparagus relieves market pressure. Quality has been very good; market falling into high $30’s. Standard and Pencil sizes do not travel well and have a shorter shelf life. Stocking mostly large and extra large sizes.
  • BEANS: Dwelley Farms Bluelakes, French/Romano and Yellow Wax– should continue into the middle of October; weather permitting. Cranberry Beans– limited.
  • BROCCOLI: Market down slightly on bunched and crowns.
  • BRUSSELS SPROUTS: Coastal growers enjoying cooler weather; market down slightly into low $30’s.
  • CAULIFLOWER: Market down slightly in high teens on White. Carnival, Green, Orange, Purple, and Romanesco available.
  • CORN: Brentwood and Dixon Ridge will start to hit gaps due to inconsistent weather. We try to stay local as much as possible. White and Yellow markets up slightly in mid $20’s.
  • CUCUMBERS: Central California growers have finished; Southern growers are gapping and Mexico is just starting to ship. Market very strong in mid-high $20’s on Pole and English varieties. Del Rio has Armenian, Citrone, Lemon and Mixed available.
  • EGGPLANT: Riverdog Graffiti and Mixed in stock.
  • LETTUCE: Iceberg back down into low teens. All varieties from Salinas Valley at seasonal norms.
  • PEPPERS: Bell Pepper market stronger as East Coast growers suffer from hurricane season. Green Bell market climbing quickly.
  • POTATOES: All Russets, Reds, and Yukons are new crop. Russet market down slightly.
  • SQUASH: Local growers Maciel and Castaneda continue to have excellent summer varieties of squash. Ray Yeung and Vierra Farms have started with Winter Squash varieties- local Acorn, Butternut, Kabocha, and Spaghetti in stock. Red Kabocha (Kuri)- will start this weekend.
  • TOMATOES: Market will get stronger as California finishes and the East Coast gets hit with hurricanes.