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Market Outlook - September 27, 2012

Decorative Fall Produce

Gourds, Indian Corn, Mini Orange Pumpkins, Mini White Pumpkins, and Wee Be Little Pumpkins, available by the case.  An Autumn Mix case of all items available as well, from local grower Dave Vierra of Vierra Farms and Dave's Pumpkin Patch.

 Local Pumpkins

Each season has a dominant fruit or vegetable-citrus in winter, asparagus in spring and tomato in summer-and there is certainly no other item more closely associated with fall than pumpkins. Large, orange, hard skinned orbs that are used for both decorative and culinary purposes-what could be more classic American than brightly lit jack-o-lanterns or sweet pumpkin pies.

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Market Outlook - September 20, 2012

Seasonal Produce

 As the weather gets cooler and the days become shorter, words like "braised", "slow-roasted", & "caramelized" start returning to a chef's vocabulary. Below is a timeline to help you prepare for your fall menu changes.

Fall Produce Timeline

 In addition to the following timeline, we have created a helpful Seasonal Chart of Fruits and Vegetables that can be found on our website at Chards, Bloomsdale Spinach & Beets from Riverdog Farms will be available in two weeks; Dino Kale in four weeks. Broccoli Rabe, Broccolini and Brussels Sprouts are currently available. Local Green and Red Frisee Mustard, Arugula and Braising Mix from Del Rio are beautiful right now; Arugula Rapini will be available in two weeks.

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Market Outlook - September 13, 2012

Asian Pears

 There are basically three types of Asian Pears: round flat green-yellow ones, round bronze to russet ones, and pear shaped russet ones; all share the same characteristics of being very sweet, crisp and juicy.

  This week we are offering four different varieties of Asian pears, all locally harvested from orchards in the Yuba City-Marysville area. There are two main classes of pears-European and Asian. We are more familiar with the European varieties-Bartlett, Bosc, D'Anjou, etc.-that are characterized by buttery smooth, juicy flesh and need time to cure and ripen after harvest. Asian pears ripen completely on the tree and are crisp and firm in texture with sweet flavor. They are often called apple pears because most Asian pear varieties are apple shaped and, when eaten, have a crunchy apple-like texture.

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