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Market Outlook - March 8, 2012

Wild River Murcott Mandarins

tangerineCertified organic since 1995, Wild River Ranch in Marysville, CA is the most local source of Murcott Mandarins available in the Sacramento area. After decades of successful citrus harvests, they have earned their solid reputation as a producer of this flavor-rich, seedless mandarin.

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Market Outlook - March 1, 2012

California Asparagus

asparagus-2Asparagus is in season. The California asparagus harvest begins in late February, supply peaks in March and April, then tapers off in June. Nearly 80% of the 200 million pounds of fresh asparagus grown in the United States comes from California. Due to increasing competition from countries with lower production costs, California asparagus acreage is down from 36,000 acres five years ago to just 16,000 acres being plant-ed this season. The California asparagus industry has endeavored to improve its competitive position with the development of new varieties that grow a longer green spear as well as emphasizing the quality and freshness of the local crop.

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Market Outlook - February 23, 2012

leeksKing Richard Leeks

This sweet, delicately flavored vegetable, related to onion family, has an edible 6-10 inch blanched, white stalk. Leeks are very versatile and can be used in stocks, soups, stews and braises; blanched and served chilled in salads, fried for garnishes, and grilled as a vegetable.

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