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Market Outlook - July 11, 2018

ray yeung heirloom tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes from Ray Yeung Farm located in Yolo County have started! ‘Uncle Ray’ experienced a late start in harvesting due to inconsistent heat at the start of the summer. Ray Yeung tomatoes are highly praised by local chefs for their intense flavor, unique sizes, shapes, and colors. Ray’s tomatoes are ‘open-pollinated’- able to reproduce itself from seed. By definition, an heirloom tomato must have been introduced more than 50 years ago and have a history of its own- for example, the origin of the popular Brandywine tomato is credited to the Pennsylvania Amish community and is named for a local river. Yeung Farm has over two dozen varieties during the season, which usually runs from now through October.
We are pleased to offer the following with additional varieties to follow as they become available:

  • Toy Box Case– 10# single layer case.
  • Green Zebra– striped green/yellow skin with juicy green flesh; more tart flavor than other tomatoes. 10# single layer case.
  • Carolina Gold– beautiful gold/orange skin and flesh; sweeter than red varieties. 10# single layer case.
  • Pink Brandywine– lovely pinkish red skin and flesh; distinctive rich flavor; tends to be on the larger side. 10# single layer case.
  • Cherokee Purple– deep red/purple skin with dark green shoulders; more acidic than sweet. 10# single layer case.
  • Black Prince– known for its rich, sweet flavor and juiciness; very deep red skin with red/brown flesh. 10# single layer case.
  • Shady Lady True Vine Ripe- perfect for sandwiches, burgers, soups, and sauces. 20# case.

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Market Outlook - June 28, 2018

local calrose rice

Calrose Rice is a pearly-white rice known for its sticky texture. Its naturally soft starchy structure holds flavor beautifully while maintaining texture and form. Calrose rice works well as a sushi rice, used for paella, or enjoyed as a standalone table rice. We offer a medium grain Calrose rice– please specify “Medium Grain Local White Rice” when placing your order. Available in a 50# bag, $29.75.

Calrose rice accounts for more than 80% of the California crop, with California being the second largest rice growing state in the United States. Much of the California rice crop is grown in Sacramento, Yolo, and Placer counties. We are pleased to offer Calrose Rice that is locally grown by Pure Rice First located in Lincoln, CA. Pure Rice First is currently owned and operated by Virgina Van Dyke, whose family has been farming rice in Lincoln for five generations (since 1940). They take great pride in providing premium product to their local community and preserving local farm land.

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Market Outlook - June 20, 2018

local squash

We are pleased to offer an array of summer squash from Maciel Farm (Gridley, CA), Castaneda Brothers (Vacaville, CA), and Del Rio Botanical (West Sacramento). While Italian and Yellow Squash are available year round, Summer Squashes are enjoyed for their tender flesh and skin with mild, buttery flavor, and high moisture content. They vary in color, size, and shape but should be bright and heavy for their size.

  • Toy Box Squash– variety of squashes listed below available in a 20# case.
  • Italian Squash (Zucchini)- available by the 25# case or by the pound.
  • Yellow Squash- available by the 22# case or by the pound.
  • Gold Bar- similar shape as zucchini but with bright yellow skin and white flesh. Fewer seeds result in a sturdy squash perfect for sauté or grilling. They are best stored at room temperature. Available by the 20# case or by the pound.
  • Grey (Mexican Squash)- grey/green in color, shorter and more rounded than zucchini with sweeter flavor. Available by the 22# case only.
  • Sunburst (yellow) and Summer (light green)- saucer shaped and scalloped with crimped, pie-like edges. Available by the 22# case only.
  • Ronde Nice (Eightball)- stores very well and tender flesh makes them perfect for grilling, baking & stuffing. Available in a variety of colors throughout the season. 22# case.
  • Del Rio Botanical Mixed Baby Squash– filled with a variety of the squashes listed above in baby size. Available in a 10# case.
  • Del Rio Botanical Mixed Teenage Squash– filled with a variety of the squashes listed above. Available in a 10# case.

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