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Market Outlook - October 4, 2017

pumpkins and fall decorative items

Fall has officially arrived and we have all your favorite decorative items to prove it!
This week we are pleased to offer the following varietal Pumpkins and Fall Decorative Items:

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Market Outlook - September 28, 2017

ray yeung winter squash

Ray Yeung has done it again with Kogiku, his new variety of hard squash. Kogiku is a variety of Japanese pumpkin that is very flavorful with a wonderful sweetness from its high sugar content. Kogiku has hard, thin skin and meaty, dark yellow/orange flesh with high yield and little waste. The skin and flesh turn a beautiful gold color when cooked. Available in a 35# case.

In addition to Kogiku, the following varities of winter squash are also available from Yeung Farms: Delicata Squash- an heirloom variety with firm, fine-grained yellow to orange flesh with sweet, rich, and moist flavor. Delicata hold their shape well through cooking, making them a great choice for stuffing and baking. Their hard skin allows them to keep well at room temperature for weeks. Available in a 35# case.

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