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Market Outlook - January 11, 2018

penna olives

Penna Olives has been known for consistency and quality for decades. Their olives are grown, processed and packed right at M&CP Farms in Orland, CA. Owned and operated by Maurice and Cindy Penna, M&CP Farms is the only end-to-end handler- from tree to package. Maurice is a recognized authority on olives and is responsible for all phases of olive production. Freshly harvested olives are bitter and must be cured before eaten. The traditional method of curing uses lye to neutralize the natural bitterness. Maurice uses a second method- fermenting with lactic acid- which leaves more of the natural olive flavor intact. We are proud to offer the following:

  • Italian Deli Mix– a mildly spicy blend of pitted olives with pearl onions, and Greek and California peppers. 2/5# bags in brine.
  • California Mixed Olives (pitted or with pit)– blend of Sevillano, Mission, Manzanita, and Picholine. 2/4# bags.
  • Calamon Olives (pitted or with pit)- a California grown Kalamata, this olive is a large, purple/black olive with rich and fruity flavor that makes it a great table olive and excellent in tapenades. 2/4# bags.
  • Calabrese Olives– a unique variety of Sevillano olives that are cured in a salt brine for 12-18 months, desalted, then packed with olive oil, herbs, and hot pepper flakes. 2/5# bags.
  • Stuffed Olive– premium olives hand-stuffed with California jalapeno flavored with Mexican lime. Excellent for a dirty martini! Available in a 1 gallon tub.
  • Lucques Olive– crescent shaped green olives with firm meaty texture (with pit). 2/5# bags in brine.
  • Pitted Sicilian (Sevillano) Olives- Large meaty green olive with mild fruity flavor. Pairs well with sheep and goat milk cheeses. 2/5# bags in brine.
  • Preserved Meyer Lemons- packed in salt for several months until cured. Preserved Meyer Lemons pair nicely with olives and can be used to enhance the flavor of braised or roasted meats, soups, stews and salads. 2/5# bags.

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Market Outlook - January 4, 2018

del rio botanical

Del Rio Botanical is well known amongst Sacramento area chefs for its unique and diverse crops, grown exclusively for Produce Express for over 15 years. Del Rio Botanical, is an organic 70+ acre farm located along the Sacramento River in West Sacramento and is home to a unique variety of local, seasonal, and organic produce year round. Del Rio delivers to our warehouse five days a week, with most items harvested within the previous 24 hours. Del Rio is owned and operated by Suzanne Peabody Ashworth, an author and recognized authority on seed breeding for the purpose of preserving seed varieties. She has accumulated a collection of over 1,600 types of seeds and works closely on ‘seed saving’ projects with various farms and national organizations. The partnership between Del Rio and Produce Express has been creating a true farm to restaurant relationship for over a decade. We are proud to currently offer the following from Del Rio Botanical:

  • Red Sunchokes– 5# case
  • Salad Mix with Petals and Herbs– 2# case
  • Braising Mix– 4# case
  • Red Mustard Frisee- 2# case
  • Arugula– 4# case
  • Mizuna- 4# case
  • Pea Shoots– 2# case
  • Lavender– 1# case

Visit our Local Farm Availability page for a full listing of items that require a pre-order. Enjoy the harvest!

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