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Market Outlook - September 28, 2017

ray yeung winter squash

Ray Yeung has done it again with Kogiku, his new variety of hard squash. Kogiku is a variety of Japanese pumpkin that is very flavorful with a wonderful sweetness from its high sugar content. Kogiku has hard, thin skin and meaty, dark yellow/orange flesh with high yield and little waste. The skin and flesh turn a beautiful gold color when cooked. Available in a 35# case.

In addition to Kogiku, the following varities of winter squash are also available from Yeung Farms: Delicata Squash- an heirloom variety with firm, fine-grained yellow to orange flesh with sweet, rich, and moist flavor. Delicata hold their shape well through cooking, making them a great choice for stuffing and baking. Their hard skin allows them to keep well at room temperature for weeks. Available in a 35# case.

Spaghetti Squash- oblong in shape with ivory to yellow or orange colored skin and bright yellow or orange flesh with many large seeds. When raw, the flesh is solid and similar to other raw squash. When cooked, spaghetti squash is known for its unusual, yellowish flesh that separates into long, translucent strings resembling spaghetti. Sold by the 35# case, or by the piece. Butternut Squash– blazing orange flesh and creamy texture with a sweet flavor when cooked. The most familiar and widely used winter squash, butternut has a small seed cavity and easily pared thin flesh with minimal waste when prepping for use. Winter Squashes are best when stored at room temperature. Enjoy the harvest!

blue diamond almond milk

almond milk barista blend 2We are proud to announce that we now offer Blue Diamond Almond Milk! The California Almond Growers Exchange was founded in Sacramento in 1910. The Exchange adopted the rare blue diamond as their logo in 1915, and officially became Blue Diamond Growers in 1980. The original plant still functions as a production facility spanning 1.3 million square feet over 11 blocks in Midtown Sacramento. In 2012, the facility was renovated to hold a 6,500 square foot almond research center as well as an almond store and visitor center Today, Blue Diamond has a cooperative of over 3,000 California growers who produce the finest almonds for raw consumption, and various almond products like their luscious almond milk. All varieties of Blue Diamond almond milk start with real California almonds and are a deliciously creamy alternative to dairy and soymilk.

In addition to the Original Almond Breeze, we now offer the following varieties in 12/32oz carton cases:

  • Barista Blend– made specifically for use in coffee drinks, this special blend is the original unsweetened almond milk with 25% more almonds/protein allowing for a thicker, creamier consistency that holds up well with steaming.
  • Vanilla– natural vanilla flavor blended with real California almonds.
  • Chocolate– creamy texture of chocolaty richness blended with original almond milk.

paradiso tomatoes

tomatoes san marzanoMany of you are familiar with the DiNapoli brand of canned tomatoes that Produce Express has carried for years. While we will continue to offer the canned DiNapoli brand, we are excited to announce the addition of Paradiso tomato products to the Produce Express line-up. The Paradiso brand has been supplying top restaurant chains for more than 25 years. Their red and ripe tomatoes are grown throughout California’s Central Valley, the world’s most prominent tomato growing region, and they are picked at the peak of season. They harvest and haul all their own tomatoes from the field to factory, with the processing and packing process completed within 4 hours of harvesting. Their processing plants are located in the heart of California’s tomato country, providing them access to consistently high quality tomatoes throughout the entire season. The distinction of Paradiso products goes beyond freshness and flavor, extending to sustainable and cost-effective pouch packaging. The pouch advantage: (1) green friendly, (2) budget saver, (3) stacking pouches uses 30% less storage space, (4) tear strip for easy opening, (5) reduced kitchen injuries, (6) no sharp edges or metal shavings upon opening, (7) no metallic taste or BPA coating, (8) shelf stable, 18-month shelf life, (9) puncture resistant. When placing your order, please specify “Paradiso pouch”. The following are available in 6/#10 pouch cases:


  • Whole Peeled Tomatoes in Juice– juice made from fresh tomatoes, no concentrate.
  • Tomatoes Diced in Juice– 1” large diced tomatoes in a topping juice made from fresh tomatoes. 
  • Whole Peeled Tomatoes in Puree– round tomatoes in a rich puree made from fresh tomatoes. 7.5% finished puree solids.
  • Ground Peeled Tomatoes in Puree (Crushed)– rich puree made from fresh ground tomatoes enhanced with salt. Tomatoes retain deep flavor from sitting in the puree.
  • Tomato Puree 1.06– distinctive of fresh, red & ripe tomatoes. 13% solids.
  • Tomato Fancy Paste– bright red color and rich tomato flavor. 24% solids.
  • Tomato Sauce– special blend of seasonings is added to obtain the quality flavor of a moderately spiced sauce with no bitterness. 8.5% solids.
  • Prepared Pizza Sauce– fully prepared with crushed tomatoes and a delicate blend of spices, salt, & soybean and olive oils. 13.8-15.5% solids.
  • Extra Heavy Concentrated Crushed Tomatoes– course finish that may contain seed particles. 14% solids.
  • Tomato Strips in Puree– varied size and shaped tomato strips in a full body puree made from fresh tomatoes.
  • Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes– roasted over open flame fire creating a unique, roasted, smoky flavor and aroma. Slightly darkened skin from fresh roasting.
  • Chunky Marinara Sauce– all purpose marinara made with a spice blend of 1” diced tomatoes, ground tomatoes, spices, and vegetable oil.
  • Fire Roasted Salsa– petite-diced vine ripened tomatoes fire roasted over an open flame combined with jalapenos, Anaheim peppers, garlic, onion, & a rich puree create a distinct fire roasted salsa flavor.
  • Sun-Dried Julienne Tomato– sun dried locally in Los Banos, CA.