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Market Outlook - October 19, 2017

riverdog farm

Tim Mueller and Trini Campbell started their organic farm on 2 acres in Napa Valley in 1990. Today, the partners, their daughter, and 50 loyal employees grow an extensive variety of organic vegetables and fruits, nuts and grains and, more recently, hens and hogs, on 500 plus acres in Guinda in the Capay Valley (Yolo County). The rich creek bottom soil, summer heat and winter frost results in nearly year round crops. Riverdog produce is ‘picked to order’ and delivered to our warehouse 2-3 times per week. Available this week from Riverdog Farm: Green Chard– a hearty green, and a relative of beets, most varieties have wavy, ruffled, dark green leaves growing from a pale white rib. Available by the 12 bunch case. Red Chard– same as green chard but with red veins throughout the leaves and red stem. 12 bunch case. Rainbow Chard– a colorful mix of chards- Green, Red, Yellow, and Orange. 12 bunch case.

Scarlet Queen Turnips– these slightly flattened turnips have sweet, crisp, white flesh with spicy, red skin. Internal red splashes of color add to the appeal when sliced. 12 bunch case. Tokyo Turnips– a small radish-sized white turnip with a crunchy, juicy bitter/sweet flavor when eaten raw, but buttery/sweet when cooked. 12 bunch case. Collard Greens– leathery grey-green leaves become flavorful with slow cooking; A classic for braising with bacon or ham. 12 bunch case. Also available this week are Nantes Carrots from Capay Organic, just a short drive down the road from Riverdog Farm. 12 bunch case. Enjoy the harvest!

seasonal cheese
from cowgirl creamery

Sue Conley and Peggy Smith took a hippie trip to San Francisco in 1976 after finishing degrees at the University of Tennessee. Both established careers in some of San Francisco’s most famous kitchens: Peggy spending 17 years at Chez Panisse, and Sue co-owning Bette’s Oceanview Diner in Berkeley. By the early 1990s, they launched Tomales Bay Foods, a marketing vehicle to help West Marin’s farms and dairies get their delicious products into the hands of the Bay Area’s finest chefs. Their first location, a renovated hay barn in downtown Point Reyes, featured a small cheesemaking room at the entrance to the building. This week we are pleased to offer Chimney Rock from Cowgirl Creamery– their fall seasonal cheese. Chimney Rock starts with organic Jersey milk from John Taverna's Chileno Valley Dairy. The rich, bloomy rind is spritzed with Quady Winery's muscat wine, Essensia, then dusted with ground organic shiitake mushrooms, summer savory and black pepper. It is piquant with earthy undertones balanced by high notes of orange blossom and apricot. 10oz piece. We continue to offer Mt. Tam and Red Hawk (limited quantities) from Cowgirl Creamery.

fall farmer's market

Our Fall Farmer’s Market is back! Join us on Wednesday, October 25 from 10am-1pm to celebrate the seasonal bounty from dozens of local farmers and producers. Local chefs will be teamed with a local farm or specialty purveyor to create bites that highlight the heavy hitters of fall. MAC Knives (a big hit at the summer market) will be back with more $100 gift certificates to raffle off every hour! This is a great opportunity to support our local farmers, to see and taste the bounty of the season, and to talk to the hard working farmers who grew it! The Farmer’s Market is open to any and all restaurant employees. We hope you take advantage of this great opportunity, and encourage your staff, to learn more about the ingredients that you prepare and serve daily. This event is also a great opportunity to see what your fellow chefs around town are up to. We look forward to seeing you there!



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