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Market Outlook - October 26, 2017


The cool weather is finally settling in and with it comes the local fall harvest and the end of summer heavy weights like local Stonefruit, Summer Squashes, Mixed Cucumbers, Mixed Melons, Peppers. Ray Yeung Farms is transitioning from Heirloom Tomatoes to Winter Squash, with Tomatoes going strong through Halloween.

We are pleased to offer the following local fall harvest:

Local Winter Squash from Ray Yeung Farms in Woodland: Delicata Squash | Spaghetti Squash| Kabocha Squash | Butternut Squash | Pumpkins | Blue Pumpkins | French Red Pumpkins | White Pumpkins (Squashes are available by the 35# case. Pumpkins sold by the each.)

More Local Winter Squash from Biglieri/Landmark Farms in Clements, CA: Acorn Squash | Butternut Squash | Red Kabocha (Kuri) | Sweet Dumpling Squash | Turban Squash (All available in a 35# case, except Sweet Dumpling-25# case.)

Local Apples from Larsen Apple Barn in Apple Hill: Winesap | Arkansas Black | Pippin | Fuji | Granny Smith | Red Delicious | Golden Delicious | Asian Pears (All available in a 40# case except Asian Pears-10# case.)

Greens and Turnips from Riverdog Farm in Guinda, CA: Green Chard | Red Chard | Rainbow Chard | Collard Greens | Scarlett Queen Turnips | Tokyo Turnips (All available in a 12 bunch case.)

Specialty Items: Nantes Carrots from Capay Organics (12 bunch case) | Pomegranates from Ray Yeung (20#) | Fuyu Persimmons from Del Rio Botanical (1 layer flat)

Coming Soon: Starting in early November, Twin Peaks Orchard in Newcastle, CA will have Meyer Lemons, Amagaki Persimmons, and Satsuma Mandarins! Enjoy the fall harvest!

nuthouse! granola

NutHouse! Granola is locally made and packed with whole nuts, juicy fruit, and pure maple syrup. The granola is mixed by hand in small batches then slowly baked to create a beautiful granola that is perfectly balanced in richness, sweetness, spiciness, and saltiness. The final product is rustic and delicious, and has an addictive texture. Nut House Granola is made in Berkeley, CA using all natural ingredients including California farm-direct Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans and Raisins, Organic Oats, Coconut, and Agave Syrup, and Non-GMO Verified Canola Oil. We offer NutHouse! Original Granola in convenient 10# bags. NutHouse! was founded by a professional chef who needed a premium granola for his customers, but could not find a commercial granola that was hearty enough so he decided to create his own. The result is a granola that is so good, it may cause you to forego making your own.


This week we are introducing several new spices as well as our own private label packaging provided by Tampico Spices. Tampico Spices is a family owned and operated spice company based in Los Angeles and has been in business since 1947.


We are pleased to offer the following: 

  • Pickling Spice-1#

  • Crushed Red Chile Flakes-3.5#
  • Black Peppercorns-5#

  • Aleppo Chile Flakes-1#
  • Ground Black Pepper-5#
  • Paprika-1# or 5#
  • Mixed Peppercorns-14oz
  • Smoked Paprika-1#
  • Pink Peppercorns-1/2 #
  • Basil-1.5#
  • White Peppercorns-1# or 5#
  • Italian Seasoning-2#
  • Ground White Pepper-5#
  • Harissa Spice Blend-1#
  • Tellicherry Peppercorn-5#
  • French Vadouvan Curry-1#
  • Szechuan Peppercorn-1/2 #
  • Rosemary-2#
  • New Mexico Chile Powder-1#
  • Sage-1.5#
  • Pumpkin Spice-1#
  • Ground Sage-1.5#
  • Marjoram-1.5#
  • Whole Fennel Seed-14oz
  • Saffron Threads-1oz tin
  • Fennel Pollen-1oz tin
  • Whole Anise Seed-1#
  • Star Anise-1#
  • Whole Cloves-12oz
  • Whole Coriander-3#