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Market Outlook - November 30, 2017

devil's gulch

winter seasonal cheese from cowgirl creamery

Cowgirl Creamery, located in Tomales Bay, produces four seasonal cheeses that embody their respective season, and are only available for a limited amount of time. Cowgirl Creamery’s solution for surviving the winter months is Devil’s Gulch, their red-pepper-dusted winter seasonal cheese. Their seasonal offerings are made using the same recipe as all Cowgirl Creamery cheeses, with only the toppings changing. Their cheeses start with pasteurized organic Jersey milk from a small Sonoma dairy, John Taverna’s Chileno Valley Dairy. The creamery then rinses the fresh curds to remove some of the whey, resulting in a sweeter cheese. Before the rind develops, the wheels are washed in Quady Winer’s Muscat wine.

For Devil’s Gulch, ground dried peppers– a mix of sweet and hot varieties from Allstar Organics in Marin County– are applied when the wheels are aged only two weeks and are just developing their white coat. Devil’s Gulch boasts a wonderful balance of sweet spiciness softened by rich creaminess. The rich butter-yellow color reflects the quality of the Jersey milk which can measure 8-9% fat in the winter months. Unless you eat the rind, the peppers are more decorative than flavorful, with a mushroom forward aroma. Like other rind cheeses, Devil’s Gulch ripens from the outside in. Devil’s Gulch is named for a narrow ravine carved along the base of Mt. Barnaby, just down the road from the Allstar Organic Farm in Marin County. Devil’s Gulch will only be available for the next couple months and is sold by the 10oz pieceWe are pleased to also offer Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam and Red Hawk cheeses year-round.

baby brussels sprouts

We are now offering Baby Brussels Sprouts from Babe Farms located in the Santa Maria Valley. Late fall and early winter are the prime seasons for Brussels, especially after the first frost. They need the cold weather to develop their delicately sweet, nutty flavor. Sold by 5# case.

The mild Mediterranean climate of Babe Farms allows them to grow and harvest year round over 70 varieties of gourmet beans, baby root vegetables, baby cauliflower, baby lettuces, salad blends, and seasonal specialties. Babe Farms was one of the first to introduce packaged European salad mixes "mesclun", hand selected specialty greens, and a colorful array of baby vegetables into the U.S. and Canada. Babe Farms has been family owned and operated since 1986 with many of the employees from the field to the office/sales staff working with the company for over twenty years.

We are also offering the following from Babe Farms: Little Gem Lettuce, Baby Red Romaine, Mixed Radish, Kohl Rabi, Peeled Mixed CarrotsPeeled Baby Carrots, Baby Beets (gold, red, striped, and mixed), and Baby Tokyo Turnips. Enjoy the harvest!

 holiday eggnog

Produce Express is now stocking everyone’s favorite holiday dairy product- Eggnog. Clover Sonoma Eggnog is rich and creamy for use by itself or as part of your family’s favorite holiday concoction, which usually consists of copious quantities of rum, bourbon or brandy- just enjoy in moderation. Lattes, Bread Pudding, French Toast, and Ice Cream are delicious ways to sneak Eggnog onto your menus. Like all Clover Sonoma products, their Eggnog comes from family farms on the North Coast of California, and is sweetened with cane sugar, eggs and traditional spices. All of Clover’s dairy products are rBST and antibiotic free-meaning no artificial hormones used to stimulate growth. They are also gluten free, low in sodium and fresh pasteurized. Eggnog is available by the 1/2 Gallon.

more from clover sonoma...

Since the early 1900’s, the Clover dairy brand has maintained a long-standing history of superior freshness & quality. Their milk and cream arrive at the plant the same day the cows are milked. It is then fresh pasteurized to ensure quality while preserving its fresh farm taste and nutritional value. Clover Sonoma products start with milk sourced from a small group of family farms in Marin, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties. These dairy farmers practice methods of sustainable agriculture and have an extraordinary commitment to animal welfare with no feedlot living. Clover Sonoma Farms has been honored by the American Humane Association as the first dairy in the United States awarded the American Humane Certified label for humanely produced dairy products. In addition, the farmers do not use rBST, the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone that stimulates milk production. We are proud to offer the following Clover-Sonoma products:

 Conventional  Organic (72-hour preorder)
 Whole Milk—gallon  Plan Yogurt-6/32oz tub
2% Milk—gallon Vanilla Yogurt-6/32oz tub
Fat Free Milk—gallon Half & Half– quart
Manufacturing Cream (Grade A)-1/2 gallon Salted Butter-30#
Half & Half– quart Unsalted Butter-30#
Buttermilk-1/2 gallon Sour Cream-12 pint case
Low Fat Yogurt Heavy Cream-pint
Cottage Cheese-5# tub Whole Milk– quart or gallon
Salted Butter-30# case 2% Milk– quart or gallon
Unsalted Butter-30# case  
Sour Cream-5# tub  
Organic Eggs-15 dozen