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Market Outlook - January 4, 2018

del rio botanical

Del Rio Botanical is well known amongst Sacramento area chefs for its unique and diverse crops, grown exclusively for Produce Express for over 15 years. Del Rio Botanical, is an organic 70+ acre farm located along the Sacramento River in West Sacramento and is home to a unique variety of local, seasonal, and organic produce year round. Del Rio delivers to our warehouse five days a week, with most items harvested within the previous 24 hours. Del Rio is owned and operated by Suzanne Peabody Ashworth, an author and recognized authority on seed breeding for the purpose of preserving seed varieties. She has accumulated a collection of over 1,600 types of seeds and works closely on ‘seed saving’ projects with various farms and national organizations. The partnership between Del Rio and Produce Express has been creating a true farm to restaurant relationship for over a decade. We are proud to currently offer the following from Del Rio Botanical:

  • Red Sunchokes– 5# case
  • Salad Mix with Petals and Herbs– 2# case
  • Braising Mix– 4# case
  • Red Mustard Frisee- 2# case
  • Arugula– 4# case
  • Mizuna- 4# case
  • Pea Shoots– 2# case
  • Lavender– 1# case

Visit our Local Farm Availability page for a full listing of items that require a pre-order. Enjoy the harvest!

tasting tuesday
featuring perfect puree

Join us for a sampling of the entire Perfect Puree line on Tuesday, January 9 at our warehouse from 9am-12pm. Perfect Puree was founded in 2004 and has been loved by restaurants and bars for their amazing taste and consistency ever since! Perfect Puree saves time and labor costs by cutting down on prep time- no more peeling, dicing, pureeing, and simmering! Use Perfect Puree to enhance beverages, vinaigrettes, sauces, desserts, preserves, jams and syrups. The Perfect Puree sources only premium fruit harvested at the peak of season. Their products are frozen to maintain freshness, flavor, and color; and are free of artificial additives, sweeteners, and gluten and are Kosher certified.

Produce Express offers the following flavors: Pomegranate • Passion Fruit • Blood Orange • Cranberry • Key Lime • Meyer Lemon • Caramelized Pineapple • Tangerine Mandarin • Strawberry • Black Currant • Banana • Raspberry • White Peach • Apricot • Pink Guava • Mango • Coconut • Blueberry • Prickly Pear • Papaya • Cherry • Tamarind • Green Apple • Kiwi • Lychee • Pear • Ginger • Blackberry • Chipotle/Sour • El Corazon (passion fruit, blood orange, pomegranate) • Spearmint Lime (mojito) • Passion Colada • Red Sangria • Thai Basil & Black Pepper • Yuzu Luxe Sour (yuzu, lemongrass, kaffir lime). Cheers!

 packaged tomato products

Produce Express is proud to offer two brands of packaged tomato products– DiNapoli (in cans) and Paradiso (in pouches). Both brands start with selecting the finest tomatoes grown throughout California’s Central Valley and picked at the peak of season. Both DiNapoli and Paradiso harvests and haul their tomatoes from field to factory, with the processing and packing completed within four hours of harvesting. Their processing plants are located in the heart of California’s tomato country, providing them access to consistently high quality tomatoes throughout the season. When placing your order, please specify DiNapoli or Paradiso and the desired style.

We are pleased to offer the following:

DiNapoli (available in 6/#10 can case): San Marzano Style Plum Tomatoes • Diced Tomatoes in Juice • Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes in Juice • Ground Tomatoes in Puree • Tomato Sauce • Tomato Paste • Tomato Puree • Simply Red Whole Peeled Tomatoes • Simply Red Diced Tomatoes • Marinara Sauce

Paradiso (available in 6/#10 pouch case): Whole Peeled Tomatoes in Juice • Diced Tomatoes in Juice • Whole Peeled Tomatoes in Puree • Tomato Strips in Puree • Tomato Fancy Paste • Tomato Sauce • Extra Heavy Concentrated Crushed Tomatoes • Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes • Salsa Style Diced Tomatoes • Fire Roasted Salsa • Sun-Dried Julienne Tomato • Prepared Pizza Sauce • Chunky Marinara Sauce