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Market Outlook - January 11, 2018

penna olives

Penna Olives has been known for consistency and quality for decades. Their olives are grown, processed and packed right at M&CP Farms in Orland, CA. Owned and operated by Maurice and Cindy Penna, M&CP Farms is the only end-to-end handler- from tree to package. Maurice is a recognized authority on olives and is responsible for all phases of olive production. Freshly harvested olives are bitter and must be cured before eaten. The traditional method of curing uses lye to neutralize the natural bitterness. Maurice uses a second method- fermenting with lactic acid- which leaves more of the natural olive flavor intact. We are proud to offer the following:

  • Italian Deli Mix– a mildly spicy blend of pitted olives with pearl onions, and Greek and California peppers. 2/5# bags in brine.
  • California Mixed Olives (pitted or with pit)– blend of Sevillano, Mission, Manzanita, and Picholine. 2/4# bags.
  • Calamon Olives (pitted or with pit)- a California grown Kalamata, this olive is a large, purple/black olive with rich and fruity flavor that makes it a great table olive and excellent in tapenades. 2/4# bags.
  • Calabrese Olives– a unique variety of Sevillano olives that are cured in a salt brine for 12-18 months, desalted, then packed with olive oil, herbs, and hot pepper flakes. 2/5# bags.
  • Stuffed Olive– premium olives hand-stuffed with California jalapeno flavored with Mexican lime. Excellent for a dirty martini! Available in a 1 gallon tub.
  • Lucques Olive– crescent shaped green olives with firm meaty texture (with pit). 2/5# bags in brine.
  • Pitted Sicilian (Sevillano) Olives- Large meaty green olive with mild fruity flavor. Pairs well with sheep and goat milk cheeses. 2/5# bags in brine.
  • Preserved Meyer Lemons- packed in salt for several months until cured. Preserved Meyer Lemons pair nicely with olives and can be used to enhance the flavor of braised or roasted meats, soups, stews and salads. 2/5# bags.

nicolau farms artisan cheese

It takes quality milk to make quality cheese, and the family of Nicolau Farms has been doing just that since the early 1900’s. Their farm is located in the fertile San Joaquin Valley, allowing them to produce some of the finest farmstead cheeses. Nicolau uses an older method of pasteurization that does not impart a cooked flavor on the milk. We are proud to offer the following: Black Truffle Casiago– robust flavors of black truffle flow throughout this mixed milk cheese. Distinguishing notes of Italian black truffle combine beautifully with buttery cow milk & rich goat milk in this semi–hard Asiago style cheese, aged 45-90 days. 6# wheel. Capra Stanislaus– their flagship cheese is firm, dense, and slightly salty, with notes of caramel goats milk and a toasted, nutty-olive finish from the sea salt brine. This hard cheese is aged 2-4 months and is the perfect balance of creamy and dry. 5# wheel. Quatro Pepe– hard, aged cheese is studded with “Quatro” peppercorns- black, white, pink, and green. Notes of sweet creamy goat milk blend beautifully with burst of intense and savory peppercorns creating the perfect balance of salt and pepper. 5# wheel. Enjoy!


electronic trucking mandate

At Produce Express, we are committed to offering the freshest produce at the best value possible. Sometimes, changes happen with weather and the economy that affect pricing in the supply chain beyond our control. Such could be the case in the near future thanks to the new Electronic Trucking Mandate that took effect as of late December.

Here is the deal:

  • Truck drivers are allowed 14 hours per day including driving time and waiting time at both the pick up and drop-off locations. A new weekly hourly limit has also been enacted.
  • The mandate requires truckers to log their hours using an electronic logging device (ELD).
  • This has caused some truckers to pull their trucks off the road to have the devices installed.
  • This is all happening at a time when there is a lot more product that needs to be transported than trucks available to do the necessary jobs.
  • The imbalance in the supply and demand of trucks will allow the available carriers to be able to charge higher rates.
  • Availability gaps might also become an issue as carriers might be less willing to pick up at multiple locations which may eventually result in higher produce price and longer transit times.

Rest assured, Produce Express remains dedicated to keeping your pricing as low as possible. Thank you for your continued support. 

        premier mushrooms field trip

Join us for a tour of Premier Mushrooms in Colusa, CA on Monday, January 22! We will meet at Produce Express at 8:15am, leave promptly at 8:30am, and return by 1:30pm.

Premier Mushrooms is our source for Crimini, Portabella, and White Mushrooms. We will tour their state-of-the-art facility and learn about their growing, harvesting, and packing procedures.

This tour is hosted courtesy of Produce Express and is open to anyone in the restaurant industry. We highly encourage back of the house staff to attend. Please spread the word to your staff and team. Light lunch will be provided. 

Seating is limited so please RSVP to Marissa at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (916) 956-5536 (text or call).