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Market Outlook - January 25, 2018


We now have local Green and Gold Kiwi arriving from Wild River Farm. Owned and operated by the Noland family for over five decades, Wild River Farm is located along the Yuba River and is naturally nourished by the highly fertile, nutrient- rich topsoil. The Noland family is extremely hands-on with all aspects of the farm from designing their state-of-the-art irrigation system to planting, pruning, and harvesting the fruit.

  • Wild River Green Kiwi is the very popular Hayward variety known for its sweet, tangy flavor and vibrant green color. Wild River Green Kiwi is CCOF-certified organic, grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Green Kiwi has fuzzy, fibrous brown skin and bright green, soft flesh with a starburst of small, black, easily digestible seeds. Green Kiwi also contains an enzyme which allows it to be used as a meat tenderizer. They are ready to eat when they are soft to the touch. Available in a 36 count case, or volume-filled (108 count) case.
  • Wild River Gold Kiwi has smooth, bronze skin and an internal flesh that varies in color from light green to golden yellow. It is lower in acid and higher in sugar content than its green counterpart, resulting in a sweeter, less tart fruit. An appealing feature of the Gold Kiwi is its lack of fuzz which makes it more palatable for consumption without peeling. The Gold Kiwi may be eaten when firm or soft to the touch and is sweet in flavor regardless of ripeness. Available in a Volume-filled 108 count case.


We are proud to offer organic Bloomsdale Spinach from Riverdog Farms, in a 4# case. Bloomsdale is a classic heirloom variety known as savoy. The leaves are thick, glossy, dark green and slightly curled. The leaf size grows as the season progresses. Bloomsdale has a sweeter, winter greens flavor and thicker texture than standard spinach. It is harvested with the edible stem attached to the leaves- no need to remove it. This variety holds its shape and texture well under longer cooking times. Ideal for sautéing and wilting and as a substitute for collards, chard or kale. Pair with garlic, onion, dried fruits, citrus, pork, poultry and beef. Compliment its earthy flavor with aged cheeses, chilies, nuts or eggs. Bloomsdale spinach has a good shelf life, lasting 3-5 days with very little breakdown of leaves or loss of flavor.

About Riverdog: Tim Mueller and Trini Campbell, along with their daughter and over 100 employees, grow a variety of organic produce, nuts, and grains in Guinda in Capay Valley. The rich creek bottom soil and ideal climate results in nearly year round crops. Riverdog produce is ‘picked to order’ and delivered to our warehouse 2-3 times per week.

Check our Local Farm Availability for a full listings of what is currently available from local farms!


We are pleased to offer Eduardo’s dried artisan made pastas. Eduardo’s has been making egg pasta in San Francisco for over 40 years using a blend of semolina and wheat flours along with local farm eggs. No salt, preservatives, or artificial colors are ever added. The pasta is dried very slowly at low temperature to preserve the unique chewy texture and flavor. Eduardo's pasta was the overwhelming favorite in the 2001 San Francisco Chronicle's Taster's Choice, and scored high enough to be inducted into the Chronicle’s Hall of Fame. We are pleased to offer the following cuts:

  • Penne– a cylinder shaped pasta with angled ends. The hollow center allows it to hold sauce. Available in a 12/12oz case, or a 20# case.
  • Medium Shells (Conchiglie)- the shell shape of the pasta allows the sauce to adhere to it. Available in a 12/12oz case.
  • Fusilli– a short cork-screw shaped pasta. Tri-Color Fusilli is also available, containing a combination of egg, spinach, and beet pastas. Available in a 12/12oz case.
  • Rigatoni– a large tube shaped pasta with ridges down the length but unlike Penne’s angled ends, rigatoni is cut square. Its namesake ridges make better adhesive surfaces for sauces and grated cheese than smooth-sided pasta like Ziti. Available in a 12/12oz case.
  • Spinach Fettuccine– a long, flat pasta made with spinach. The thickness of Fettuccine makes it suitable for ragu type dishes and other hearty sauces. Available in a 12/12oz case.