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Market Outlook - April 26, 2018

farmer's market strawberries

We have reached that magical time of year when strawberries are at their peak– sweet, juicy, and red all the way through! California strawberries account for 88% of the strawberries produced in the U.S., with three major growing regions– Santa Maria, Watsonville, and the Southern District (Orange, Riverside, and San Diego counties). The mild days and cool nights in Watsonville produce the sweetest tasting berries, especially in the spring months. The peak harvesting season runs through June, when up to 10 million pint baskets are shipped daily. All strawberries are picked, sorted and packed by hand in the field. Large growers that ship to outlying areas rush the full trays to onsite refrigerators that quickly cool the berries down to 34 degrees to create a longer shelf life. Strawberries from smaller operations are picked riper, are more flavorful, and are typical of the quality you find at farmer’s markets. This week we begin offering a farmer’s market quality strawberry from Watsonville, carefully sourced by Ainslee Urkofsky-Reyes. Farmer’s Market Strawberries are hand-packed into 12/1# pint baskets and available by the flat only. Price is slightly higher than 8/1# flats, but the yield is greater as well. Because Farmer’s Market Strawberries are picked at the peak of ripeness, they should be used within 3 days. Please specify FARMERS MARKET STRAWBERRIES when ordering or we will send a conventional case.

spring brunch pop-up
tasting tuesday
may 8, 2018

We hope you can join us for a special Tasting Tuesday featuring a variety of products perfect for all your brunch needs! Stop by our warehouse (8340 Belvedere Avenue, Sacramento) anytime between 1PM-3PM. Tasting Tuesday events are open to anyone involved in the industry. This is a great opportunity for your team to learn more about the products you cook and serve every day. Please spread the word to your staff and team members. The menu will feature:

cinco de mayo

Whether Mexican themed dishes are a staple on your menu, or you are planning some specials for Cinco de Mayo, we have you covered– from fresh
ingredients such as avocados, an array of peppers, cilantro and other herbs to Mexican cheeses, rice, beans, tortillas, chips, and salsa!

  • Mixed Chips– a 50/50 blend of thick and crispy corn chips and totopos chips, made with blue corn, quinoa, chia, and maca grains. Perfect for nachos and dipping, as they will hold their texture when heaped with ingredients. Available in a 15# bulk case only (perfect for the Cinco de Mayo crowds!)
  • Medium Salsa (red)– made with tomatoes, onions, peppers, vinegar, & cilantro; with a bit of heat. Sold by the gallon.
  • Salsa Verde– a tart and tangy salsa made with fresh green tomatillos. Sold by the gallon.
  • Queso Fresco Cheese– a creamy, soft and mild un-aged white cheese with a trademark salty/sour flavor; often used to garnish soups and tacos. Available by the 7# wheel.
  • Oaxaca Cheese– a semi-soft, slightly acidic cheese often called ‘string cheese’ as it pulls apart similar to mozzarella. Perfect for quesadillas, stuffing chilies, and in vegetable dishes. Available by the 5# wheel.
  • Cotija Cheese– a dry aged cheese, similar to Parmesan with a nutty/salty flavor. Use crumbled over enchiladas and bean dishes. Available by the 7# wheel.
  • Corn Tortillas Cut for Chips (30# case)
  • Tortillas: 14” Flour (10 pack case), 12” Flour (10 pack case), 10” Flour (10ct package or 12 pack case), 8” Flour (10 pack case), 6” Flour (12 pack case), 6” Corn (12ct package or 40 pack case), 4” Corn (45 dozen/case)