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Chocolate Fish Coffee Education & Tasting

monday, march 19

Join us at Chocolate Fish Coffee to learn all about why you should be serving your customers Chocolate Fish Coffee! We will learn about about how they source their beans, their roasting procedures, coffee flavor profiles, and more. And, of course, we will be tasting the coffee as well (and serving lunch).

Space is limited so please RSVP. Please call/text your sales rep or Marissa with inside sales at (916) 956-5536.

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters is a Sacramento based coffee roaster and retailer that is dedicated to roasting in small batches for flavor and maintaining direct relationships with the farmers who grow their beans. The owners of Chocolate Fish, Andy and Edie Baker, often visit their farmers overseas to learn about their quality and farming practices first hand. Coffee is a fruit and, as a fruit, it is important to be fresh. Chocolate Fish coffees are purchased seasonally within the last 12 months. They roast to bring out the natural sweetness and fruit acidity in coffee, not just the color of the bean. Their coffee is grown on micro lots, and purchased exclusively by Chocolate Fish- no one else in the world can buy them.

We are proud to offer the following varieties from Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters available in a whole or ground beans in 5# bags:

  • Brazil (Fazenda Santa Luzia)- starts with a dark berry sweetness and has a chocolate finish with medium acidity. Fazenda Santa Luzia is a family-run, seed-to-crop Brazilian Specialty Coffee business known in the coffee world for great taste and quality. Jose Maria de Oliveira and his family have worked on the farm for generations, eventually assuming ownership. The mountainous terrain and consistently sunny climate of their farm make for near perfect growing conditions for coffee and flora.
  • Espresso (Fazenda Santa Luzia)- semi-sweet, dark chocolate with notes of caramel and subtle orange acidity, finishes with a rich, milk chocolate finish.
  • Decaf (Mexico)- stonefruit sweetness and a buttery body with low acidity and a brown sugar finish. The beans are grown in Oaxaca by a co-op of coffee producers established in 1999. The decaffeination method is mountain water processed at the source in Mexico, rather than being shipped to Canada.