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Market Outlook - October 20, 2011

Heirloom Beans

This week we introduce a line of locally grown dried heirloom beans from Mohr - Fry Ranch. The beans were all planted this year in late winter or early spring and harvested within the last month and we are very pleased to offer our customers this unique line of 'fresh' dried beans. The beans are packaged under the 'Elegant Bean' brand and are available in 5# bags. We are now stocking the following varieties:

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Market Outlook - October 13, 2011

Lundberg Family Farms Varietal Rice

This week we offer a full line of varietal rice from Lundberg Family Farms. Located in Richvale, Ca. (Butte County), the Lundberg family has been growing and harvesting rice in the area since 1937 and today offers a variety of organic and eco-farmed rice and rice products. The distinction between organic and eco-farm is minimal as all rice is grown according to sustainable agricultural practices. Organic rice varieties are grown, handled and processed in accordance with USDA National Organic standards, while eco-farmed varieties are grown with non-organic fertilizers and 'eco-friendly' pesticides and fungicides. We have been stocking Lundberg Arborio rice for several years and are pleased to offer the following varieties:

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