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Market Outlook - July 20, 2017

yolo county summer produce

This week we are pleased to offer three new local summer crops: heirloom cucumbers, peppers, and eggplant from Yolo County farms.

New this week from Del Rio Botanicals:
All varieties above are available in a 10# case as a single variety, or in a mixed case.

  • Armenian Cucumber– sweet flesh with a mild, citric flavor. They are pale green, ridged, and slender with a curved shape.
  • Lemon Cucumber– sweet and flavorful heirloom that is less bitter than other varieties. Its shape is small and rounded with pale yellow flesh. Great for pickling, enjoyed raw, or with a cocktail.
  • Citronee Cucumber– another heirloom variety very similar to lemon cucumbers but with fuzzy skin and smaller seeds.

Riverdog Farm has several varieties of Sweet Peppers:
All peppers varieties above are also available in a 10# mixed Toy Box case.

  • Jimmy Nardello– sweet and light when eaten raw but also an excellent frying pepper. 10# case.
  • Pimentos– sweet with a mild kick, these peppers are used to make paprika when they are dried. They are bright red and shaped like a heart. 10# case.
  • Lipstick– one of the most delicious and sweetest peppers with meaty flesh. They turn from green to glossy red when mature and are excellent raw or roasted. 10# case.
  • Gypsy– intense sweet flavor with long, tapered shape. Their yellow-white coloring deepens to orange and then to red as the season progresses. Enjoy raw or roast to enhance sweetness. 10# case.
  • Padron– small, crinkled, green pepper with grooved furrows along its skin. Most Padrons are sweet and mild with 1/10 being hot and spicy. 5# case.

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Market Outlook - July 13, 2017


Heavy rain in the winter and spring months lead to delayed planting of the summer heavyweights- Heirloom Tomatoes, Corn, Squash, and Beans. Heat waves in the early summer stunned the growth of some plants causing availability gaps from our local farmers in recent weeks. We hope the availability issues are behind us but one can never tell, as predicting Mother Nature seems to be an impossible task.

This week we offer the following items from our local farms:

  • Stonefruit- Twin Peaks Orchard currently supplies us with Suncrest Yellow Peaches. White Peaches and both varieties of Nectarines are gapping from Twin Peaks. We are sourcing White Peaches, and Yellow and White Nectarines, Red and Black Plums, and Pluots from local grower J&J Ramos.
  • Corn and Beans- Dwelley Farms continues to impress with several varieties of Beans- Blue Lake, Yellow Wax, Romano, French, and Cranberry. Ears of Yellow and White Corn are sweet with tightly packed kernels.
  • Squash- Maciel Farm and Castaneda Bros. Produce provide us with several varieties of Summer Squash including Zucchini, Gold Bar, Ronde Nice, Green Summer, Sunburst, Scallopini. A ‘Toy-Box’ is also available. Organic Mixed Baby Squash and Teenage Squash available from Del Rio Botanical.
  • Heirloom Tomatoes- Uncle Ray has been affected greatly by the heat wave and is currently harvesting limited quantities and varieties.
  • Fresh Dug Potatoes- Bintje, German Butterball, and Desiree Potatoes available from Full Belly Farm.
  • Figs- the Breba crop of local Figs is over, we now wait for the second crop to ripen from Windmill Farm. Brown Turkish Figs are available from Fresno area growers.
  • Melons- Black Imagination Watermelons are coming from Vierra Farm. Local growers have yet to start harvesting varietal melons.
  • Peppers– Padron and Gypsy peppers from Riverdog Farm are just starting.

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