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Market Outlook - March 30, 2017


California growers are currently experiencing an abnormal shortage of Leafy Greens and Lettuces. In a normal year, produce crops "transition" twice perlettuce in hand year- from the Northern Salinas Valley to the Southern "Desert" region of Southern California and Arizona. Crops typically transition from North to South the week of Thanksgiving, and from South to North the week of Easter. This year, the Southern fields started maturing early and the transition began about three weeks earlier than normal. Successive planting and great weather in the Southern Region gave us favorable markets (lower than normal pricing) throughout the early Winter, but then the rains fell. The atmospheric “river”, as it was named, created planting gaps that are causing the desert to finish quickly and short of the Easter week goal. The "river" also delayed Northern crops from being planted. Growers in the Salinas Valley do not anticipate full harvest to begin until late April and even early May.

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Market Outlook - March 23, 2017


artisan lettuce mix maciel farms

After a long, wet winter, many springtime crops are now appearing in the marketplace, and we are offering a variety of local and seasonal items.

  • Artisan Lettuce Mix– a variety of mixed local lettuces, greenhouse grown at Maciel Farms, 24 count
  • Green Garlic– Riverdog Farms, 10# case or by the pound
  • Savoy/Bloomsdale Spinach– several sources, 4#
  • King Richard Leeks– Riverdog Farms, 12 bunch
  • Spring Onion (red and white)– Riverdog Farms, 10#
  • Asparagus– California grass, 28# case. We expect very limited quantities of Delta asparagus within the next week.
  • Arugula Rapini– heartier than regular arugula, Del Rio Botanical, 2#
  • Red Mustard Frisee– Del Rio Botanical, 2#
  • Ramps– a seasonal and scarce crop arriving from Mississippi, this “wild leek” tastes like a balanced mix of onions and garlic, available by the pound.
  • Sausalito Springs Watercress- living and organic, 2#.
  • Fiddlehead Fern- the young shoots of the fern are tightly wound into a circular button-like shape, with a crunchy texture with a slightly gelatinous flesh, and a flavor comparable to asparagus and green beans. Coming from the Northwest, 5# case.
  • English Peas– first of California crop, available by the pound. We expect coastal crops to be available the first week of April.
  • Fava Beans– 25# case, from Mexico, coastal crops the first week of April.

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