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Market Outlook - January 12, 2017

Vega farms

Vega Farms, located in Davis, CA, has been raising chickens since the early 90’s and has been selling their brown eggs at the Davis Farmers Market ever since. The chickens are never fed low quality ingredients and they never use hormones, antibiotics, animal by-products or additives of any kind. Their chicks are comfortable and well-cared for, which translates to better egg production and overall efficiency. Vega provides their baby chicks to local farms such as Riverdog Farm and Full Belly Farm for use as layers and meat birds, as well as larger producers in the Sacramento Valley which take 20,000 or more each week for specialty meat markets.

We are pleased to offer Local Cage Free and Local Free Range Organic Eggs from Vega Farms. (Please specify Vega when ordering)

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Market Outlook - December 1, 2016

coraline chicory

coraline chicoryRich Collins of California Endive Farms has introduced a new product-Coraline Chicory. Coraline looks like a cross between Belgian Endive and Frisee. It has a delicate sweet flavor, and a truly unique appearance. 3# case contains 25-30 pieces 6-8 inches in length. $26.75. Belgian Endive (on-deev) is a member of the chicory family, which includes radicchio, escarole, frisee and curly endive. It has a crisp texture and a sweet, nutty flavor with a pleasantly mild bitterness—great served raw or cooked. Belgian Endive is one of the most difficult vegetables in the world to grow, requiring a two-step growing process before it is ready to be enjoyed. The first growth takes about 150 days in the field, where the chicory grows from seed into a leafy green plant with a deep tap root.

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