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Market Outlook - July 6, 2017

'Uncle ray' yeung heirloom tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes from Ray Yeung Farm located in Yolo County have started! ‘Uncle Ray’ experienced a late start due to a strong winter causing planting delays. Ray Yeung tomatoes are highly praised by local chefs for their intense flavor, unique sizes, shapes, and colors. Ray’s tomatoes are ‘open-pollinated’- able to reproduce itself from seed.

By definition an heirloom tomato must have been introduced more than 50 years ago and have a history of its own- for example, the origin of the popular Brandywine tomato is credited to the Pennsylvania Amish community and is named for a local river. Their flavor profile is generally less acidic than red ‘backyard’ type tomatoes, resulting in a milder flavor.

We offer a mixed ‘Toy Box’ of local heirlooms as well as the individual varieties packed in 10# single layer cases. Yeung Farm has over two dozen varieties during the season, which usually runs from now through October. We are now offering Pink Brandywine, Black Prince, Carolina Gold, Black Pineapple, Oxheart Striped, Patty’s Striped Beefsteak, Green Zebra, Banana Legs, & Purple Cherokee to name a few. 10# single layer flat. In addition, we are also stocking Shady Lady True Vine Ripe Tomatoes in a 20# case- perfect for sandwiches, burgers, soups, and sauces.

Enjoy the harvest!

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Market Outlook - June 29, 2017

del rio botanical summer harvest

For 15 years, we have partnered with Del Rio Botanical to offer unique and delicious organic produce grown exclusively for Produce Express. Del Rio is an 80-acre farm located in West Sacramento along the Sacramento River. A collection of over 1,600 varieties of vegetable and herb seeds places Del Rio in the unique position to provide a selection of produce that is varied, rare and targeted to restaurants.

Their summer harvest includes the following:

  • Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes– over a dozen varieties of classic heirlooms packed ‘Toy Box” style. Varietals may include Brandywine, Black Prince, Yellow Roma, Marvel Stripe, Green Zebra, and more. Packed by the 10# case.
  • Mixed Medley– heirloom cherry tomatoes each with a distinct size, shape and flavor. Flavors range from candy sweet (high sugar) to a concentrated tomato flavor (more acidic). During the course of the season over two dozen varieties are grown. Our customers can expect 6-8 varieties, packed in a 12 pint case.
  • Black Mission Figs– great for grilling. Limited availability. Sold by the pint.
  • Baby Mixed Squash(2-3” in size/diameter) packed in a 10# case, or Teenage Mixed Squash (3-5” in size/diameter) packed in a 20# case. All varieties have tender skin, firm flesh (the seeds have yet to develop), and good squash flavor.
  • Squash Blossoms– small and sweet flowers that grow on summer squash. They are delicious chopped raw, or sautéed and added to soups, salads, enchiladas, tacos, risotto, pasta dishes; or stuffed with corn, chilies or mild cheeses, dipped in batter and fried in oil to create an elaborate appetizer. 35 count case. Enjoy the harvest!

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