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Market Outlook - January 26, 2017


casa sanchez salsaSuper Bowl Sunday is a very popular day for Chips and Salsa, Nachos, and Guacamole. We offer Mixed Chips, and two Salsas from Casa Sanchez. Casa Sanchez has been making fresh, healthy, authentic foods for three generations. The Casa Sanchez Brand was founded in San Francisco in 1924. In the early 1950s, Casa Sanchez started mass-producing tortillas for the local restaurant industry, and that business evolved into a fresh salsa and tortilla chip manufacturing and distribution company. We offer the following items from Casa Sanchez: Mixed Chips-a 50-50 blend of Thick and Crispy Corn Chips, and Totopos Chips, made with Blue Corn, Quinoa, Chia, and Maca Grains. Perfect for nachos as they will hold their texture when heaped with ingredients.

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Market Outlook - January 19, 2017

Full Belly farms

full belly farmFull Belly Farm is a 350-acre certified organic farm located in the Capay Valley north of Sacramento. Full Belly has been farmed using organic practices since 1985 and is certified by California Certified    Organic Farmers. The farm produces an amazing diversity of vegetables, herbs, nuts, flowers, and fruits year-round. The farm also has a flock of chickens, a herd of sheep, a tribe of goats, and several cows. Full Belly’s system includes: growing and marketing over 80 different crops; providing year-round employment for farm labor; using cover crops that fix nitrogen and provide organic matter for the soil; selling produce within a 120-mile radius of the farm; and planting habitat areas for beneficial insects and wildlife. One of the farm’s goals is to integrate farm production with longer-term environmental stewardship.

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