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Market Outlook - November 16, 2016


This week we feature a very unique variety of Cauliflower-Romanesco. Romanesco is an edible flower from the family that  includes Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, and Cabbage.  Romanesco is an heirloom cauliflower native to the Mediterranean coast roughly in the region from Rome to Naples. It tastes very  similar to cauliflower and has a sweet, nutty flavor.  The most fascinating part of Romanesco is its appearance. Its spiraled florets form a natural approximation of a fractal, meaning each floret in the spiral is composed of a series of smaller florets. These florets form a pyramid of spiraling, pointed cones, resembling a small alien Christmas tree.  Romanesco has grown in popularity in California due to increased planting, primarily by organic farmers. We are currently sourcing Romanesco from Feather River Farm, a certified organic farm in Yuba City. Romanesco is available now and through the winter months. 9 per case.  

Heirloom winter squash

Del Rio winter squash vary in size, shape, weight and flavor and are meant to be used in the same manner as the more traditional varieties (Butternut, Acorn, and Kabocha) in salads, soups and appetizers, roasted, baked or pureed as a starch or vegetable accompanying an   entrée, basically, anyway you would use butternut squash. Consider butternut squash to be sweet and sugary-the heirloom squashes have distinctive flavors with varying degrees of sugar, starch and texture. We are pleased to offer the following varieties sold by the pound for $1.95: Rampicante-4-6 pounds with 10-14 inch long x 2 inch wide seedless necks. The smooth flesh is rich, flavorful, and pleasantly sweet. Mixed Heirloom Squash– A variety of Squash with different shapes and sizes, each with their own distinct flavor, color, and texture. Pre-Order suggested.

local olive oil

California Olive Ranch produces ‘estate grown’ olive oils-the final product must be grown, harvested and processed on the same farm or estate. Modern planting techniques and a state of the art processing facility result in COR oils that are slightly bitter with a sweet fruitiness and pungent or ‘peppery’ finish. COR is proud to be part of a California ranch legacy that dates back 300 years, to when the Spanish brought the first olive trees to California. By combining that time honored agrarian wisdom with the new science of sustainable growing, their ranches are able to produce America’s best tasting olive oil. They believe that taking care of the earth’s resources is the right thing to do and it makes better olive oil. Their ranches use resources wisely and extend the water they use through recycling and drip irrigation. They mulch tree trimmings back into the field and allow other farms to use their leftover olive pits. The oils have been certified as Extra Virgin by the California Olive Council. The oils are packaged in a ‘bag in a box’ protecting the oil from both sunlight and heat, either of which can quickly turn a good olive oil into a rancid one. We have offered COR oils for several years and are pleased to continue the relationship we have created. We offer the following varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from California Olive Ranch. Arbequina-High fruitiness and mild pungency with a very pleasing, clean flavor with hints of tropical flavors and fresh artichoke. 2.5 gallon box $75.75. COR Blend Extra Virgin-80% Arbequina, 10% Arbosana and 10% Koroneiki. The three olive blend results in a fruity oil and a mild finish with a floral aroma, smooth flavor and hints of green apple. 2.5 gallon box $72.75. Chef’s Blend-80/20 blend of canola and extra virgin olive oil. An excellent all purpose oil for cooking and salad dressing. 5 gallon box $69.75.