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Market Outlook - January 19, 2017

Full Belly farms

Full Belly Farm is a 350-acre certified organic farm located in the Capay Valley north of Sacramento. Full Belly has been farmed using organic practices since 1985 and is certified by California Certified    Organic Farmers. The farm produces an amazing diversity of vegetables, herbs, nuts, flowers, and fruits year-round. The farm also has a flock of chickens, a herd of sheep, a tribe of goats, and several cows. Full Belly’s system includes: growing and marketing over 80 different crops; providing year-round employment for farm labor; using cover crops that fix nitrogen and provide organic matter for the soil; selling produce within a 120-mile radius of the farm; and planting habitat areas for beneficial insects and wildlife. One of the farm’s goals is to integrate farm production with longer-term environmental stewardship.

This week Full Belly Farm is supplying us with the following items: German Butterball Potatoes-An undisputed favorite heirloom. Russet-type with brown skin, yellow flesh, creamy texture and buttery flavor. A fantastic all purpose potato. 25# $65.75. Red Lasoda Potatoes-Smooth red skin with pure white flesh. Good for boiling, baking, or frying. 25# $65.75. Bintje Potatoes-Creamy, yellow-fleshed potato with thin, pale skin that's neither starchy nor waxy. Best when roasted, fried or made into chips. 25# $65.75.  Tokyo Turnips-Small radish-sized turnip with a crunchy, juicy bitter-sweet flavor. 12 bunch $26.00. Watermelon Radish-Round and with pale green skin, with pinkish-red flesh and mild, sweet   flavor. 1# $4.00. Kohlrabi-A member of the brassica family, resembling a turnip with distinct protruding stalks topped with collard like leaves. 12 ct $26.75. Mixed Mizuna-Serrated, dark green leaves related to Mustard, mildly peppery and slightly spicy. Red and Green varieties. 6 bunch $12.75.

Premier mushrooms

Premier Mushrooms, our main supplier for cultivated white mushrooms, is offering special pricing on Portabella Mushrooms and we will be passing the new price along to our customers this week. The mushroom is actually a fully mature Crimini mushroom. Criminis have long been the most widely used cultivated mushroom in Italy and other European countries as well as America before the white strain of this mushroom was introduced in the mid 1920’s. As a result of being overlooked for a few days in the growing shed, the Crimini continued to grow into the large solid mushroom that we now call Portabellas. They are further distinguished from Criminis by the solid texture and rich, meaty flavor. Portabellas are usually 4-6 inches across the cap with plump stem and deep brown gills on the underside of the cap. They are at their best when brushed with good olive oil and roasted or grilled. This week we offer Portabella Mushrooms from Premier Mushrooms for $3.10 per pound, or a $2.00 discount per case.

Grass Valley GRains

We are pleased to offer locally grown wheat and corn flours from Grass Valley Grains. Grass Valley Grains is owned and operated by Reed Hamilton who grows, harvests, and mills several varieties of grains.  Currently all of these crops are grown on a fifth-generation farm in Wheatland, CA. Reed uses the principles of  sustainable agriculture and non-GMO seed. Though he farms organically, his crops are yet to be certified organic. White Corn Polenta - Ground from organic corn, this flour may be used to make traditional polenta or the hominy grits used in Southern cuisine. It must be kept refrigerated to preserve the flavorful fats found in whole kernel corn. 10# $15.00. White Cornmeal-Stone - ground corn with germ and bran left in. Coarse cornmeal, but finer than polenta. 10# $16.00. Espresso Hard Red Wheat Flour - This wheat is the premier modern bread wheat in California. It has high protein content, a rich, yeasty aroma with whole wheat flavor. 10# $16.00.

NutHouse granola

Nut House Granola is locally made and packed with whole nuts, juicy fruit, and pure maple syrup. The granola is mixed by hand in small batches then slowly baked to create a beautiful granola that is perfectly balanced in richness, sweetness, spiciness, and saltiness. The final product is rustic and delicious and has an addictive texture. Nut House Granola is made in Berkeley, CA using all natural ingredients including California farm-direct   Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans and Raisins, Organic Oats, Coconut, and Agave Syrup, and Non-GMO Verified  Canola Oil. During our research, we found that other premium granolas are priced between $6-$9 per pound. We offer Nut House Original Granola in convenient 10# bags for $48.75. The granola is so good, it may cause you to forego making your own.