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Market Outlook - January 26, 2017


casa sanchez salsaSuper Bowl Sunday is a very popular day for Chips and Salsa, Nachos, and Guacamole. We offer Mixed Chips, and two Salsas from Casa Sanchez. Casa Sanchez has been making fresh, healthy, authentic foods for three generations. The Casa Sanchez Brand was founded in San Francisco in 1924. In the early 1950s, Casa Sanchez started mass-producing tortillas for the local restaurant industry, and that business evolved into a fresh salsa and tortilla chip manufacturing and distribution company. We offer the following items from Casa Sanchez: Mixed Chips-a 50-50 blend of Thick and Crispy Corn Chips, and Totopos Chips, made with Blue Corn, Quinoa, Chia, and Maca Grains. Perfect for nachos as they will hold their texture when heaped with ingredients.

Medium Salsa-Made with Tomatoes, Onions, Peppers, Vinegar, & Cilantro with a bit of heat. Half gallon $11.50. Salsa Verde-A tart and tangy salsa made with fresh green tomatillos half gallon $13.75.


Three varietal cheeses that are closely associated with, and are in fact, an integral part of Mexican cuisine and a perfect addition to your Super Bowl Sunday appetizer assortment- Queso Fresco, Oaxaca and Cotija cheeses. The cheeses come to us from a small, family owned business operating out of a new facility in Brentwood, CA-Queso Salazar. The Salazar family has been making Mexican style cheese for over 50 years. They make the cheeses in small batches using whole milk from a small herd of Holstein cows. Queso Fresco-Creamy, soft and mild un-aged white cheese with a trademark salty-sour flavor used to garnish soups and tacos. 7# $35.75. Oaxaca-Semi-soft, slightly acidic cheese often called ‘string cheese’ as it pulls apart in a fashion similar to Italian mozzarella-perfect for quesadillas and for stuffing chilies and in vegetable dishes. 5# $24.50. Cotija-Dry aged cheese, named after the town of origin in Michoacán-similar to Parmesan with a nutty-salty  flavor, used crumbled over enchiladas and bean dishes. 7# $33.50. Enjoy the game!


humboldt fog cheeseWe offer some of the finest locally produced cheeses at competitive prices, in convenient pack sizes, and ease of delivery.

  • Mt. Tam - A bloomy rind cheese with a creamy, buttery flavor and smooth texture. Cowgirl Creamery. 10oz wheel $11.50.
  • Red Hawk - Aged four weeks and washed with a brine solution that encourages the sunset red-orange rind. The pungent aromas complement the rich, smooth flavor. 12oz piece $10.50.
  • Humboldt Fog - This three week old cheese pays homage to classic French Morbier by   running a thin line of grey vegetable ash through its creamy white center. As Humboldt Fog ages, a runny edge of thick and delicious ooze begins to develop under the rind. Cypress Grove. 5# wheel $72.75.
  • Triple Cream Brie - 75% butterfat creates a rich and ultra smooth texture, slightly sweet flavor and     blooming with fluffy white rind. Marin French Cheese. 8oz wheel $8.00.
  • Camembert - Complex, aromatic and creamy with a deep golden color and thin white rind. The flavor is robust with hints of mushroom. Marin French Cheese. 8oz case $6.75.
  • Fromage Blanc - Distinct tangy flavor with a mild lemon   finish. It can be easily substituted for cream cheese or ricotta in both sweet and savory dishes. Orland Farmstead Creamery 5# $24.75.
  • Smoked Goat Cheddar - Smooth texture with a sweet, milky flavor and a rich smoky taste strong enough to hold its own with salty snacks and hoppy beers. Perfect for burgers. Redwood Hill Farm and Creamery. 5# block $55.75.
  • Original Blue - A creamy, full flavored Blue cheese made from Grade A raw milk. Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company 6# $69.75.
  • Bay Blue - A rustic-style blue cheese reminiscent of Stilton. It is known for its mellow flavor and sweet, salted-caramel finish and fudgy texture. Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company 6# $86.75.
  • Toma - All-natural, semi hard, farmstead cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk. Toma has a creamy texture and buttery flavor, with a grassy-tangy finish. Aged a minimum of 90 days. Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company 10# $98.75.
  • Cabecou - Slightly aged goat cheese disks marinated in herbs and Extra Virgin Olive oil. Perfect for cheese plates, appetizers, and salads. Laura Chenel 30 ct jar $40.75.
  • Tome - Aged for 8 to 12 months, Tome has a pale ivory color and firm texture similar to aged Cheddar. Laura Chenel 4# wheel $57.75.
  • San Joaquin Gold - Italian style cheddar and aged 12 months. It is firm and granular with hints of toasted nuts and browned butter. 7# $91.75.
  • Lionza - A Swiss style cheese aged six months. It is lightly straw colored with sweet milk caramel-like flavor. 6# piece $75.75.
  • Smoked Cheddar - Their traditional cheddar is smoked   using a blend of local apple, cherry, and  hickory wood that saturates the cheese. 5# piece $50.75.