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Market Outlook - March 9, 2017


california olive ranch olive oil in pesto

Produce Express has been the local distributor for Extra Virgin Olive Oils from California Olive Ranch (COR) for the last 10 years. COR is the largest grower and processor of fresh, high quality extra virgin olive oil in California. California Olive Ranch produces ‘estate grown’ olive oils, guaranteeing that the final product is grown, harvested and processed on the same estate.

COR is proud to be part of a California ranch legacy that dates back 300 years to when the Spanish brought the first olive trees to California. Their ranches use resources wisely and extend their water use through recycling and drip irrigation. Their olives are grown in trellised, vineyard-style groves in Oroville, CA. The oils have been certified as Extra Virgin by the California Olive Council. The oils are packaged in a ‘bag in a box’ protecting the oil from both sunlight and heat, both of which can quickly turn a good olive oil into a rancid one.

Due to recent weather conditions, the 2016 harvest was down 30% while demand has remained strong- up 40% over last year. For this reason, prices of all California Olive Oil, even from other local producers, are due for an increase. California Olive Ranch remains very reasonably priced in spite of taking a modest increase.

We offer the following varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil from California Olive Ranch:

  • Arbequina- High fruitiness and mild pungency with a very pleasing, clean flavor with hints of tropical flavors and fresh artichoke. 2.5 gallon $87.75
  • COR Blend Extra Virgin- 80% Arbequina, 10% Arbosana and 10% Koroneiki. The three olive blend results in a fruity oil and a mild finish with a floral aroma, smooth flavor and hints of green apple. 2.5 gallon $84.75.
  • Chef’s Blend- 80/20 blend of non-GMO canola and extra virgin olive oil. An excellent all-purpose cooking oil. 5 gallon $69.75.


county live harvest in sonoma

We are excited to announce that County Line Harvest is now delivering to Sacramento for the first time, exclusively for Produce Express! County Line Harvest was founded on the Sonoma-Marin County Line in 2000 and has gained a strong reputation in the Bay Area for their consistently fresh and flavorful certified organically-grown produce. Their second farm, County Line South, was founded in the Coachella Valley in 2010 in order to have more crops available year round for their growing customer base. Due to recent weather conditions in Sonoma County, the first harvests we receive will be from County Line South.

We will have very limited quantities of the following:

  • Baby Mixed Lettuce- 24 count
  • Lolla Rossa- 24 count
  • Baby Green Romaine- 24 count
  • Mesclun Mix- 3#
  • Bloomsdale Spinach- 4#
  • Rainbow Chard- 24 count
  • Green Chard- 24 count
  • Red Dragon Rucola- 3#
  • Dino Kale- 24 count
  • Baby Gold Beets- 24 count
  • Baby Chioggia Beets- 24 count
  • Baby Red Beets- 24 count
  • French Breakfast Radish- 24 count

Please contact your sales rep with feedback about the County Line Harvest you receive from us. Enjoy the harvest!


chow mein asian inspired ingredients

We offer an assortment of high quality Asian Specialty items that can be used in a variety of ways. Many of these items come from local sources such as Hodo Soy Beanery, Nippon Shokken, Lundberg Farm, Sparrow Lane, and La Tourangelle.

Hodo Soy Beanery (Oakland, CA) only uses Organic Non-GMO soy beans grown in the United States, and supplies acclaimed Bay Area restaurants such as Benu, Quince, and more:

  • Firm Tofu- 4/5# case $34.75, 5# $9.50
  • Medium Tofu (preorder)- Made fresh daily in small batches, keeps its shape when added to stir-frys or grilled 15# $35.75
  • Tofu Veggie Burgers (preorder)- Made with a mirepoix of carrots, onions and cabbage, free of soy protein isolates and fillers 6/8oz patties $24.75
  • Tofu Puffs (preorder)– Firm tofu is twice fried to create puffs with a meat-like texture and a great canvas for flavors. Great in soups, braises, curries and stir-fries 5# case $32.75
  • Braised Tofu (preorder)- Poached in a light Chinese Five-Spice blend and caramel sauce, with a smooth texture perfect for sandwiches, salads or stir-frys. 5# case
  • Thai Curry Tofu Nuggets (preorder)- Fried tofu cubes that are fried then braised in an aromatic curry of lemongrass and exotic spices 5# case $42.75
  • Fresh Yuba (preorder)- Fully formed, mature soymilk skin with creamy, nutty and sweet flavors. Firm yet slightly chewy, it can be crisped, or turned into gluten-free pastas, used as a papillote, a roulade base or floated as thin ribbons in soups. Soy Milk (preorder)- 1 gallon $12.75.

Nippon Shokken (West Sacramento, CA) produces a variety of Japanese products that are free of MSG, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and preservatives:

  • Tempura Batter– Creates a crisp and light texture that can be used for anything that can be battered and fried 3.3# bag $9.50
  • Teriyaki Sauce- Contains prune juice as a sweetener 4.9# container $9.75
  • Ginger Sauce- Contains fresh ginger and miso paste 4.8# $15.50
  • Black Pepper Sauce- A nice balance of sweet and peppery 4.8# container $18.75
  • Yakiniku Sauce- Japanese citrus BBQ sauce 4.9# container $18.75
  • Karaage Batter- Use for crispy fried chicken, onion rings, fish and chips, and calamari 3.3# bag.$9.75

We also carry other items such as:

  • Chow Mein Noodles– made in Sacramento, CA. 10# $7.50
  • Rice Wine Vinegar- Sparrow Lane 1 gallon $13.75
  • Sushi Rice- Lundberg Family Farms 6/2# bags $27.75
  • Sushi Rice- 50# sack
  • Rice Flour- Giusto’s Vita-Grain 25# sack $16.75
  • Sesame Seed Oil- La Tourangelle in Woodland, CA. 1 liter $14.75
  • Tamarind Puree- 30oz $14.75
  • Won Ton Wraps- 12oz pack $3.10, or 6-pack case $15.75
  • Egg Roll Wraps- 1# pack $3.10, or 6-pack case $15.75
  • Vanilla Soy Milk- 12 qt case
  • Curry Paste– Red, Yellow, or Green 35oz jar $8.75.