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Market Outlook - March 30, 2017


California growers are currently experiencing an abnormal shortage of Leafy Greens and Lettuces. In a normal year, produce crops "transition" twice perlettuce in hand year- from the Northern Salinas Valley to the Southern "Desert" region of Southern California and Arizona. Crops typically transition from North to South the week of Thanksgiving, and from South to North the week of Easter. This year, the Southern fields started maturing early and the transition began about three weeks earlier than normal. Successive planting and great weather in the Southern Region gave us favorable markets (lower than normal pricing) throughout the early Winter, but then the rains fell. The atmospheric “river”, as it was named, created planting gaps that are causing the desert to finish quickly and short of the Easter week goal. The "river" also delayed Northern crops from being planted. Growers in the Salinas Valley do not anticipate full harvest to begin until late April and even early May.

The crops most devastated by this gap include Romaine, Romaine Hearts, Green Leaf, Red Leaf, Butter Lettuce, Iceberg, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Spinach, Baby Spinach, Spring Mix (and its ingredients), as well as Arugulas. All leafy greens are well above normal pricing. All major and minor growers will be affected by this "gap" created by Mother Nature. Lettuce heads will be smaller and yields will be light. There are no substitutes or alternatives. More importantly, we are just entering the "gap" and do not forecast relief until early May. Field Fresh Farms has planted Spring Mix ingredients as well as spinach varieties in Huron (near Fresno) to assist in the transition. Fortunately, the crops may be our saving grace as other leafy greens sky rocket. We will update you as markets and products warrant.



While growers in parts of the state are gapping and struggling to meet demand, County Line Harvest has plenty to offer. County Line, founded on theradish-french-breakfast Sonoma-Marin County Line in 2000, has a strong presence among notable restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their second farm, County Line South, was founded in the Coachella Valley in 2010 in order to have more crops available year round for their growing customer base. Due to recent weather conditions in Sonoma County, the first harvests we will receive will be from County Line South.

We will have limited quantities of the following:

  • Baby Mixed Lettuce- 24 count
  • Baby Red Romaine- 24 count
  • Bloomsdale Spinach- 4 pound
  • Chards (Rainbow and Green)-12 count
  • Baby Mixed Kale- 4 pound
  • Dino Kale- 12 count
  • Baby Beets (Chioggia, Red, Gold)- 12 bunch
  • Baby Tokyo Turnips- 12 bunch
  • French Breakfast Radish- 24 count

Enjoy the harvest!


Paragary Bakery produces fresh handmade pasta daily in midtown Sacramento. The Bakery is operated by Chef Kurt Spataro and Paragary fresh-hand-made-pastaRestaurant Group. PRG has been recognized and respected throughout Northern California for its unique brands, consistent quality, and maverick restaurant concepts and is a leader in the local Farm-to-Fork movement. Paragary Bakery uses high quality ingredients like Guistos stoneground, Duram flour and farm fresh eggs.

We offer the following fresh pastas from Paragary Bakery:

  • Fettuccine- “little ribbons” of pasta slightly wider than Tagliatelle. Traditionally, fettuccine is served with slow cooked meat or chicken ragu or sugo but pairs well with cream or butter based sauces, $4.95 pound.
  • Pappardelle– a 1-inch wide, flat ribbon pasta. Pappardelle is traditionally used for rich, heavy sauces, and ragu of meat and game. This pasta’s name comes from the Italian verb pappare, which means “to gobble up”, $5.50 pound.
  • Tagliolini– a traditional cut of pasta from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. Tagliolini are long, cylindrical ribbons of pasta that are best served with smooth, light bodied sauces, $4.95/pound.
  • Pasta Sheets– made to fit a full-size hotel pan, these sheets are perfect for lasagna and can be cut into desired size and shape. Cannelloni, Tortellini, Agnolotti, and other stuffed pasta can be made using these sheets, $4.95 pound.

There is approximately 2 sheets per pound. Please order the pasta by 4pm for next day delivery. We will deliver fresh pasta Tuesday through Saturday (no delivery on Sunday or Monday).