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Market Outlook - March 16, 2017


Produce Express now offers a variety of premium chocolates from Cordillera Chocolate, a fair-trade producer in Columbia. Their chocolate wascordillera-chocolate specially conceived to cater to the needs of culinary professionals, and works well in both sweet and savory applications. Cordillera Chocolate combines the artisanal secrets of the best Columbian cocoa cultivations with advanced production processes, guaranteed by quality certifications. Cordillera grows, harvests and processes two types of cocoa beans, Criollo and Trinitario. These cocoa beans are known to be higher quality and less bitter than Forestero beans, which are widely used in the conventional chocolate industry. Cordillera Chocolate has a delicious flavor and aroma, high shine and soft consistency. The acidity of Columbian soils contribute floral and fruit notes to the cocoa grown there. During the conching process, the ideal conditions of whipping, temperature, and time are carefully selected to perfect the flavors and textures highlighted in the final product.

Cordillera Chocolate is part of the National Chocolates Company, a leader in the beverage, candy, and chocolate coating market in Columbia since 1920. National Chocolates Company is committed to providing excellent working conditions for all its employees, guaranteeing the purchase of grain at fair prices in an effort to improve the living conditions of growers. It has promoted sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices, ensuring adequate control systems and production processes. Contact your sales representative for more information or samples.

We are pleased to offer this premium chocolate at an affordable price:

  • 65% Sumapaz Disks (Dark Chocolate)- balanced fruitiness and floral aroma with subtle hints of bitterness, 11# box $55.55
  • 59% Galeras Disks (Dark Chocolate)- balanced nutty flavor, and fruity/flowery aromas. The after taste has hints of coffee and vanilla. Pairs well with wine, 11# box $55.55
  • 53% Tayrona Disks (Semi-Sweet Chocolate)- flavors of nuts and vanilla complement each other with gentle notes of berry, 11# box $55.55
  • 36% Purace Disks (Milk Chocolate)- a perfect blend of nutty and vanilla flavors with well defined milky and caramel aromas and flavors, 11# box $55.55
  • Sierra Nevada (White Chocolate)- creamy white chocolate, soft and balanced with intense milky notes, 11# box $52.25
  • Turndown Chocolates– 1/4 ounce bite size chocolate to offer as an extra treat for your guests, with turn down service in hotels or bill service in restaurants. In addition to Cordillera chocolates, we also carry the following: Confectionary Coating (white or dark chocolate)– for sauces, glazing, and dipping, 11# $42.35
  • Cacao Nibs- 2.2# $19.25
  • Cocoa Powder– 22/24 Dutch, 4.4# $21.75


Join us on Tuesday, March 21 from 10am to 1pm for a special tasting of our new Cordillera Chocolates, as well as five varieties ofhoney samples z specialty Honeys, Nut Butters and Fruit Spreads from Z Specialty Foods in Woodland. This tasting is a great opportunity to discover the uniqueness and versatility of our newest products, and possibly inspire some new menu items. We welcome all kitchen and front of the house team members to attend. Our goal is to host Tuesday Tastings on the third Tuesday of every month. We welcome any feedback about which products you would like the opportunity to taste or learn more about. Reservations are not required, but appreciated. Please text or call our inside sales rep, Marissa Montoya, at (916) 956-5536 to let us know you can attend or if you have any questions.



Del Rio Botanical, is an organic 70+ acre farm growing a unique variety of local, seasonal, and organic produce year round exclusively for Producered mustard frisee del rio Express. Del Rio delivers to our warehouse five days a week, with most items harvested within the previous 24 hours. Located on Old River Road in West Sacramento, Del Rio sources their water straight from the Sacramento River. Del Rio is owned and operated by Suzanne Peabody Ashworth, an author and recognized authority on seed propagation for the purpose of preserving seed varieties. She has accumulated a collection of over 1,600 types of seeds and works closely on ‘seed saving’ projects with various farms and national organizations. The partnership between Del Rio and Produce Express has been creating a true farm to restaurant relationship for over a decade.

We are pleased to stock the following from Del Rio Botanical:

  • Nettles– puree into soups and sauces or mix into pastas and salads, 2# $14.95
  • Custom Salad Mix with Petals and Herbs- varies but may include lettuce, endive, radicchio, calendulas, chives and more, 2# $10.95
  • Braising Mix– varies but may include blend of chard, kale, spinach and more, 4# $16.75
  • Arugula- small, leafy green with mild pungent and peppery flavor, 4# $13.75
  • Red Mustard Frisee- deep purple leaves, pale green stem, pronounced mustard flavor and crisp yet delicate texture, 2# $14.95
  • Fava Greens- thick leaves, mildly sweet flavor and buttery texture. 2# $14.95. Avocado Leaves– boil with soups or stocks for a flavor boost, 50 count $13.95
  • Red Sunchokes– nutty flavor with subtle hints of artichoke heart and salsify, 5# $20.00

The following require a 48 hour pre-order:

  • Shingiku (Garland Chrysanthemum)– subtle smoky flavor with hints of mint and anise, 2# $14.95
  • Lambs Sorrel– part of the buckwheat family, the leaves have a lemony flavor, 1# $14.95
  • Sorrel (wood, French, Italian)– 2# $14.95
  • Calendula Petals– acts like saffron but with a lighter impact, 4oz. $11.95
  • Beet Greens– use like spinach or chard, 2# $10.95
  • Starlitta– 2# $14.95
  • Arugula Rapini– wild and heartier than regular arugula, great for braising, 2# $14.95
  • Lavender du Provance– 1# $14.95
  • Red Russian Kale– 2# $14.95
  • Quelete (lambs quarters)- flavor varies, can be used like spinach, 2# $14.95
  • Dino Kale– 2# $14.95
  • Sweet Potatoes (purple or white)- 1#
  • Pea Sprouts– 2# $14.95
  • Green Mustard Frisee– 2# $14.95
  • Cress and Wrinkled Crinkled Cress– sweet, spicy flavor, 1#$14.95
  • Quail Eggs– 1 dozen