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Market Outlook - April 27, 2017

suncrest hydroponic lettuces

A recent statewide shortage of leafy greens is causing the lettuce market to be priced well above normal. As an alternative, Produce Express is suncrest-bib-lettucehappy to introduce Pescadero Growers, a greenhouse grower in Half Moon Bay, CA with 55,000 square feet of lettuce production, specializing in Bibb and Red Romaine. Greenhouse production offers relief to chefs and produce buyers who can't find reliable, year-round, local sources. Pescadero Growers is a Suncrest Certified Grower, using Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic technology, growing its lettuce on rafts in large tanks of nutrient-rich water. Bay Area chefs from The Ritz Carlton, Madera on Sand Hill, Chez TJ, and The Fairmont, to name a few, have praised Suncrest lettuce for its pristine quality and unique, consistent, exceptional flavor. A contributing factor to the distinct quality of Suncrest lettuce is that it's grown in a controlled greenhouse environment. Water temperature, PH levels, nutrients and oxygen are carefully balanced for optimal growth, nutrition, and flavor. The water tanks are continuously sterilized, filtered, and tested regularly for suncrest-red-romainepathogens and other potential hazards.

It only takes 1 gallon of water to grow a head of lettuce using DWC technology, versus 16-38 gallons in the field. On average, it takes 28 days to harvest. The final product is usually shipped within hours of harvest. Suncrest lettuce is grown with its roots in water causing the leaves to become super-hydrated. This allows the lettuce to stay fresh for 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator, reducing spoilage and labor costs. Suncrest lettuce is 100% free of synthetic pesticides and GMOs.

Produce Express is proud to be the exclusive source, outside of the San Francisco market, for the following:

  • Bibb Lettuce- soft buttery leaves with a clean, fresh taste and zero waste with 100% yields. It is similar to Butter lettuce but with larger leaves, excellent for salads and wraps. Arrives packed loose, not in clam shells. 24 heads, $39.75.
  • Red Romaine– medium heads with beautiful, crisp red tip leaves and less bitter flavor than regular romaine, perfect for a Caesar salad. 24 heads, $39.75.

pure açaÍ - more than just a fruit based beverage

We have recently received requests from customers for Produce Express to carry a premium Acai product, and we listened. We now offer an Acai pure-acai-bowl(pronounced “ah-sigh-EE”) from Amazon Planet. Their Acai is wild-harvested and sourced directly from local farmers based in the Amazon Rainforest where Acai groves are an important part of the fragile ecosystem. The acai fruit looks a lot like a blueberry, but unlike the pulpy flesh of the blueberry, acai is a hard, inedible seed covered by a very thin, edible skin packed with nutrients. In the Amazon acai is more than a fruit based drink, it is a food. Because it combines well with nearly any ingredient, Amazon natives eat several bowls of acai per day, either unsweetened as a savory sauce accompanying fish, meat or shrimp, or sweetened as a stand-alone meal.

We offer frozen 100g (3.5oz) pouches with 64 pouches per case, $54.75. Amazon planet’s acai maintains the taste of real acai– a velvety, natural, dark-chocolaty taste because it is free of additives or filler juices. The mild and creamy acai packs are neither sweet, nor tart, and are certified Kosher, gluten free, and organic with 0g of sugar.

cordillera chocolates

Produce Express now offers a variety of premium chocolates from Cordillera Chocolate, a fair-trade producer in Columbia. The ninth largest cordillera-chocolate-discsproducer of cocoa in the world, the acidity of Columbian soils contributes floral and fruit notes to the cocoa grown there. Cordillera chocolates were specially conceived to cater to the needs of culinary professionals, and works well in both sweet and savory applications. Cordillera Chocolate combines the artisanal secrets of the best Columbian cocoa cultivations with advanced production processes, guaranteed by quality certifications. Cordillera grows, harvests and processes two types of cocoa beans, Criollo and Trinitario. These cocoa beans are known to be higher quality and less bitter than Forestero beans, which are widely used in the conventional chocolate industry. Cordillera Chocolate has a delicious flavor and aroma, high shine and soft consistency. During the conching process, the ideal conditions of whipping, temperature, and time are carefully selected to perfect the flavors and textures highlighted in the final product.

We offer the following:

  • 53% Cacao Semi Dark Chocolate Discs (Tayrona)- hints of nut and vanilla complement each other with gentle notes of berry. It is soft but complex, and filled with flavor shades of cinnamon, berry, hazelnut and coffee highlighted one after another. 11# box, $55.55.
  • 59% Cacao Dark Chocolate Discs (Galeras)- stands out for its balance between chocolate nutty flavors, as well as fruity and flowery aromas. The after taste is similar to the soft flavor of coffee with vanilla hints. 11# box, $55.55.
  • 65% Cacao Dark Chocolate Discs (Sumapaz)- balanced flavor with fruity and floral aromas with smooth bitter notes. 11# box, $55.55.
  • 36% Cacao Milk Chocolate Discs (Purace )- the perfect blend of nuts and vanilla flavors, integrated with well defined caramelized dairy flavors and aromas, the product of a select process of refining and conching. 11# box, $55.55.
  • White Chocolate (Sierra Nevada)- soft and balanced with intense milky notes that bring out the distinguished aroma of Columbian cacao. 11# case, $52.25.
  • Turndown Chocolates- 1/4 ounce bite size chocolate to offer as an extra treat for your guests, with turn down service in hotels or bill service in restaurants. 1,000 count case, $95.75.
  • Confectionary Coating– available in dark or white chocolate, perfect for sauces, glazing, and dipping. 11# container, $42.35.
  • Cocoa Powder (Macuira)- cocoa with high content of cacao butter. 4.4#, $21.75.
  • Cocoa Nibs (Tamesis)- 22/24 Dutch processed, roasted cacao bits with a distinct cocoa flavor. 2.2#, $19.25.