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Market Outlook - May 11, 2017

local living microgreens


We are excited to offer a new local source for cut-and-use Microgreens grown by R Farm in Oroville, CA. These tiny edible greens have more intense flavor and are naturally higher in nutrients than their fully grown versions because of their rapid growth. The growth cycle is 14 days from planting to ready-to-trim, and they continue to stay fresh for 2-3 weeks. Produce Express delivers the microgreens in soil, ready to trim. While in their trays, microgreens are alive and must be handled with care. We will offer the following varieties: Mizuna (Red Kingdom)– has a mild pepper flavor with subtle earthiness, great for garnishing pizza, pasta, cheese plates, and meat dishes. Tatsoi– an Asian green with a nutty, mild mustard flavor, sweet aroma, and mineral finish. It is a delicious compliment to seafood dishes, salads, and citrus. Kale (Red Russian)- mildly nutty with a balanced sweet and earthy flavor that compliments savory dishes. All three varieties are delivered in 8-cell flats, $12.75. Not only is it is more cost effective to receive the microgreens still in soil trays than to purchase them already trimmed, but they also maintain freshness longer. They can be stored in an open-air environment or the walk-in. To extract the live microgreens from the trays we recommend using a pair of sharp scissors to cut the plant at the base, just above the roots, while holding a small bunch with your fingertips. To make sure you get the most flavor and best texture, use the microgreens immediately after cutting. The microgreens will not regrow after trimming. These tiny, delicate greens add beautiful color, texture, and great flavor to salads and are an excellent garnish for a variety of dishes.

red romaine


Red Romaine is distinct from green romaine in its appearance, texture and flavor. Red Romaine’s beautiful red tipped leaves have a sweet, less bitter flavor, and a crunchy yet slightly buttery texture. The leaves are thick enough to handle high heat, great for grilling. The medium sized heads offer high yield and little waste. Produce Express now offers hydroponic Red Romaine grown in greenhouses by Pescadero Growers in Half Moon Bay, CA. Each case contains 24 heads for $39.75. Lettuces from Pescadero Growers have an acclaimed reputation among Bay area chefs from The Ritz Carlton, Madera on Sand Hill, Chez TJ, and The Fairmont, to name a few. Chefs have praised the red romaine for its unique, consistent, and exceptional flavor. It makes a beautiful and delicious Caesar salad!



We recently received requests from customers for Produce Express to carry a premium Acai (pronounced "ah-sigh-EE") product, and we listened. We now offer pure Acai, wild-harvested and sourced directly from local farmers in the Amazon. Amazon natives eat several bowls of acai per day, unsweetened as a savory sauce with fish, meat or shrimp, or sweetened as a stand-alone meal. Similar looking to the blueberry, but lacking the pulpy flesh, acai is a hard, inedible seed covered by a very thin, edible skin packed with nutrients. The thickness of acai is an indication of how many fruit solids—and therefore nutrients– it contains. Acai mixes well with nearly any ingredient making it ideal for any blended smoothie or bowl. We offer frozen 100g pouches (64 pouches/case), $54.75. Free of additives and filler juices, Amazon Planet’s Acai maintains the taste of real Acai– a balanced sweet/tart, velvety, natural, dark-chocolaty flavor. The mild, creamy Acai packs are certified Kosher, gluten free, and organic with 0g of sugar.

tasting tuesday


Our third Tasting Tuesday will be held on May 16 from 10am-1pm. Join us at our warehouse to learn more about the assortment of Mushrooms that we offer from Premier Mushrooms (Colusa) and Dragon Gourmet Mushrooms (Sacramento).

Bob Murphy from Premier Mushrooms and Valarie Guido from Dragon Gourmet Mushrooms will be here to talk all things mushrooms!

Ben Roberts from Pizza Supreme Being will be serving up some delicious mushroom pies in his wood-fired pizza oven and Patrick Prager from Paragary’s will be crafting their famous mushroom salad.


Prizes will be raffled every 30 minutes, along with other giveaways. As an added bonus, Premier Mushrooms will offer a $1 discount on 5# cases of Portabellas and 10# cases of Sliced Criminis from May 16-May 30.

As always, anyone in the hospitality industry is encouraged to attend, so please help us spread the word to friends and team members. See you in a couple weeks at 8340 Belvedere Ave, Sacramento!

local cherries


Cherry season is upon us and this week we are offering Brooks Cherries from local growers in Lodi. Brooks Cherries are an early season variety that are firm, crunchy, and light colored. Available by the pound or case. The local cherry season can be short, lasting 8-10 weeks, from the first of May through the beginning of July. The more popular Bing variety will start in late May. Rain damaged cherry blossoms in northern growing areas which could lead to a lighter Bing crop. Cherry trees need a cold winter to introduce dormancy, no frost during their spring bloom period and warm weather to ripen well. Any untimely rain in May when the fruit has ripened will cause the cherries to crack and ruin the crop. California growers expect cherries to peak in early to mid-May this season due to early bloom. Enjoy the harvest while it lasts!