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Market Outlook - May 18, 2017

dwelley farms beans

Dwelley Farms is located in Brentwood, CA, 26 miles west of Stockton. The Brentwood agricultural area is close to the Sacramento Delta and within view of the Altamont Pass and Mt. Diablo. During the growing season, the area is characterized by hot days and cool nights which result in excellent growing conditions for a variety of fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, squash, beans, corn, cherries, peaches and apricots. Mark Dwelley’s family has been farming in the area since the 1920’s. Mark has over 30 years experience on the farm and currently has over 1,000 acres planted to a variety of crops. Purchasing fruits and vegetables directly from local farms ensures longer shelf life as well as a higher degree of quality and freshness.

We are pleased to continue our relationship with Dwelley Farms with the following now available:

  • Blue Lake Beans– a familiar and popular variety, often called snap or string beans. These Blue Lakes are bright, sweet and tender and should snap when broken apart, revealing the tiny seeds inside. 30# case or pound.
  • Yellow Wax Beans– another variety of snap bean, usually larger than Blue Lakes, crisp and meaty. Available by the 10# case or pound.
  • Romano Beans– also called Italian Flat or Broad beans. Romano beans are large and meaty. They lend well to braising and are perfect for summer minestrones. Available by the 10# case or pound.
  • French Green Beans (Haricot Vert)- thinner and more delicate than Blue Lake Beans. 10# case, or by the pound.

Save the date for June 6 and join us for a trip to Dwelley + Frog Hollow Farms! Stay tuned for more information!

local living microgreens


Cut-and-use Microgreens are popular not only because of their intense flavor, but also because they are more cost effective. They stay fresher longer because they are living and continue growing in their soil trays. Our microgreens are arriving from R Farm in Oroville, CA.


We offer the following varieties:

  • Mizuna (Red Kingdom)– has a mild pepper flavor with subtle earthiness, great for garnishing pizza, pasta, cheese plates, and meat dishes.
  • Tatsoi– an Asian green with a nutty, mild mustard flavor, sweet aroma, and mineral finish. It is a delicious compliment to seafood dishes, salads, citrus, and more.
  • Kale (Red Russian)- mildly nutty with a balanced sweet and earthy flavor that compliments a variety of savory dishes. All three varieties are delivered in 8-cell flats ready to trim, $12.75.

local specialty cheeses

Produce Express is proud to offer a wide variety of locally crafted, artisan cheeses, many of which are produced on farmsteads. We added several new cheeses to our inventory after our Specialty Cheese Tasting Tuesday last month because they were such big hits among the chefs who attended.

The following cheeses from Valley Ford in Sonoma were among the most popular at our cheese tasting:

  • Highway 1– an old-style Fontina, unpasteurized and aged for at least 80 days. It’s the perfect anytime cheese with a creamy texture and balanced fruity nutty flavor. 8#, $92.50.
  • Estero Gold- handmade in the style of Asiago, similar to a Montasio, and aged only six months. It is subtle and creamy with a buttery taste and grassy, fruity overtones. It has a pliable texture, great for melting, with small holes, & straw-like coloring. 8#, $98.75.
  • Estero Gold Reserve– a mature Estero Gold aged 18 months, it develops a stronger flavor, harder and dryer texture, and becomes similar to a parmesan. Because it’s a high-protein, extra-aged cheese, it has little granular “crunchies”. 8#, $98.75.

We added a new Scamorza and Smoked Scamorza to the Fiscalini Cheese Company lineup that were also chef favorites at our tasting last month. We will continue to offer the Lionza and San Joaquin Gold cheeses from Fiscalini as well:

  • Scamorza- Italian-spun paste cheese named for its pear shape. It’s a semi-soft cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk with a texture similar to a firm, dry mozzarella, but with more elasticity and less moisture. Scamorza melts well, and tastes of sweet milk and light cream. 9oz piece, $6.00.
  • Smoked Scamorza- CA State Fair Gold medal winner. A blend of apple, cherry, and hickory wood chips, naturally smoke this cheese leaving it with a milky, creamy finish and smoky, sweet caramel flavor. 9oz piece, $6.50. Smoked Cheddar– smoked with a blend of apple, cherry, and hickory wood chips saturating the cheese in a natural essence that gives it an enchanting caramel color. 5# piece, $50.75.
  • Lionza– Swiss style, semi-soft cheese made in traditional 26-pound wheels and aged 6 months. It is lightly straw colored with a few irregular eyes, a thin natural rind. Lionza has a sweet milk, caramel-like flavor and enchanting aroma. 6# piece, $75.75.
  • San Joaquin Gold- Italian style cheddar, aged 12 months. Mildly sweet and mellow when young, it develops a darker golden hue and nuttier flavor over time. Its flesh is firm and granular with an aroma of toasted nuts and browned butter, a pleasant acidity and lovely sweetness. 7# wheel, $91.75.

Spicy Cabecou was added to our offerings from Laura Chenel (Sonoma) after chefs raved about it at our cheese tasting. Their original Cabecou and Tome cheeses continue to be chef favorites as well:

  • Spicy Cabecou- goat cheese buttons marinated in jalapeno olive oil and crushed chilies. This was also a chef favorite at last month’s tasting. 3.5# jar, $27.75.
  • Tome– mildly sweet and mellow when young, this cheese develops a darker golden hue and nuttier flavor over time. Its flesh is firm and granular with an aroma of toasted nuts and browned butter, a pleasant acidity and lovely sweetness. 4# wheel, $57.75.
  • Cabecou– aged, nutty-flavored goat cheese buttons marinated with herbs in California olive oil. It is creamy, yet firm enough to be easy to handle. 3.5# jar, $40.75.