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Market Outlook - June 1, 2017

late spring potatoes

Full Belly Farm, a certified organic farm located in Capay Valley, is supplying us with a variety of late spring potatoes. They practice sustainable farming, from the care of their soil and water usage to the treatment of their farm workers. They grow an assortment of crops throughout the year, as well as being home to chickens, sheep, goats, and cows. We will be visiting Full Belly as part of our upcoming series of farm tours so keep an eye out for the date!

While the season lasts, we will offer the following potatoes from Full Belly in 25# cases:

  • Bintje– a creamy, yellow-fleshed potato with thin, pale, yellow skin that is neither starchy nor waxy. Bintje potatoes best retain their flavor when roasted, fried or made into chips but can also be used for potato salads and other side dishes.

  • Desiree- red skinned, waxy variety potato with yellow flesh. A firm potato that holds its shape during cooking, Desirees are fantastic for roasting, boiling or mashing.

  • German Butterball– an undisputed favorite heirloom for superior buttery flavor, storage, and versatility. German Butterballs are a Russet type with rich, golden, slightly flaky flesh and are luscious in any potato dish, regardless of preparation method.

  • French Fingerling– a sleek heirloom potato known for its smooth, rose colored skin that does not need to be peeled. Its flesh, creamy yellow and splashed with pink, is succulent, firm and waxy. It has a robust nutty, earthy and buttery flavor. Use in salads, baked, fried, mashed or boiled.

  • Russian Blue– purple/blue skin and flesh with sweet earthy flavor. The flesh is smooth and moist when cooked. It keep its color best when fried, baked, steamed, or roasted, but will fade to a lavender violet with a pale rim when boiled. Great in gnocchi, salads, soups and stews.

Full Belly is also currently offering Nantes Carrots available by the 24 bunch case. Enjoy the harvest!

tasting tuesday on the farm

We are hitting the road for our next Tasting Tuesday! Enjoy the morning off and join us on June 6 for a trip to Dwelley Farms and Frog Hollow Farms located in the Delta. June is best time of year to visit both of these farms because it is peak season for their staple crops. Dwelley Farms seasonally supplies us with a variety of fresh beans, corn, plums and pluots. It is always fun to visit Dwelley and learn about their growing and harvesting methods. An added bonus is that everyone tends to leave with a ton of delicious fresh produce compliments of Dwelley Farms. Down the road at Frog Hollow, we will be able to learn about and taste their famous delectable apricots.

We will meet at our warehouse at 8:45am, leave by bus promptly at 9am, and return by 2:30pm. Lunch will be provided from Magpie. Seats are filling up fast. Please RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (916)956-5536. This trip is open to all restaurant and hospitality industry team members, so please help us spread the word! We look forward to spending a day on the farm with you!

del rio botanicals

Del Rio Botanicals, located on the Sacramento River in West Sacramento, is a chef’s dream! Farming and seed genius, Suzanne Ashworth, grows a wide variety of unique and specialty crops and herbs throughout the year, specifically for Produce Express. At Del Rio, seasonal produce is picked the day of delivery for superior freshness. A collection of over 1,600 varieties of seeds for vegetables and herbs places Del Rio Botanicals in the unique position to provide a selection of produce that is varied, rare and targeted to restaurants.

Weather and supply permitting, we proudly offer the following from Del Rio:

  •  Fava Beans- 10#, market pricing
  • Avocado Leaves- 50 ct, $13.95 
  • Arugula- 4#, $13.75
  • Pea Shoots- 2#, $14.95
  • Red Frisee- 2#, $14.95
  • Braising Mix- 4#, $16.75
  • Salad Mix w/ Petals & Herbs- 2#, $10.95

The following items require a 48-hour pre-order:

  • Boysenberries- 12– 1/2 pints, $32.75
  • Green Mustard Frisee– 2#
  • Fig Leaves– 10 count, $5.50
  • Grape Leaves– 25 count, $5.50
  • Herbs- tarragon, rosemary skewers, lemon balm, parsley, hop cone thyme, & rosemary- 1#, $14.95
  • Lambs Sorrel– 1#, $14.95
  • Calendula or Rose Petals– 4oz, $11.95
  • Beet Greens– 2#, $10.95
  • Green Strawberries– by the clamshell, $4.00
  • Wood Sorrel– this won’t last much longer- 2#, $14.95
  • Quail Eggs– 12 count, market pricing
  • Arugula Rapini– 2#, $14.95
  • Lavender du Provance– 1#, $14.95
  • Pakistani Mulberries– 3 inches long and are perfectly sweet– by the clamshell, $4.00
  • Quelete, Lambs Quarters– 2#, $14.95
  • Lemon Verbena– 1#, $14.95
  • French or Italian Sorrel– 2#, $14.95
  • Clove Basil– 1#, $14.95
  • Agretti or Chrystallina– edible ice plant– 2#, $14.95
  • Cress, Wrinkled Crinkled Cress– 1#, $14.95
  • Luther Burbank Spineless Nopales- 5#, $14.95
  • Buckhorn Plantain– 2#, $14.95