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Market Outlook - June 15, 2017

summer squash

squash summer varieties

This week we are pleased to offer an array of summer squash from Maciel Farm in Gridley, CA and Castaneda Bros. Produce in Vacaville, CA. All Summer squashes have tender flesh and skin with mild, buttery flavor, and high moisture content. They vary in color, size, and shape but should be bright and heavy for their size.

Both Castaneda and Maciel are supplying the following: Italian Squash (Zucchini)- available by the 25# case, or by the pound. Yellow Squash- available by the 22# case or by the pound. Grey (Mexican Squash)- grey/green in color, shorter and more rounded than zucchini with sweeter flavor. Available by the 22# case only.

Maciel Farm is supplying us with delicious Gold Bar- similar shape as zucchini but with bright yellow skin and white flesh. Fewer internal seeds results in a sturdy squash perfect for sauté or grilling. They are best stored at room temperature. Available by the 20# case or by the pound.

ronde nice


Castaneda Bros. has a variety of Patty Pan Squashes available separately in 22# cases: Sunburst (yellow), Summer (light green), and Scallopini (dark green). All three varieties are saucer shaped and scalloped with crimped, pie-like edges. Ronde Nice (Eightball)- stores very well and tender flesh makes them perfect for grilling, baking & stuffing. Available in a variety of colors throughout the season. 22# case. Toy Box Squash– variety of squashes listed above available in a 20# case. Enjoy the summer bounty!

local apricots, plums, and pluots

Frog Hollow apricot season is short and sweet this year due to a harsh winter causing Farmer Al to lose five early season varieties. While the season lasts, we will have the organic Golden Sweet variety available in 10# cases for $34.75. The Golden Sweet is a smaller apricot making up for whatever it lacks in size with its rich flavor. A California variety, it has a brilliant golden orange skin with a soft blush. Golden Sweets are great for baking, cheese plates, sauces and glazes. Frog Hollow bakes pastries featuring other varieties, but the Golden Sweet is their variety of choice for their best-selling apricot conserve.

Produce Express is also offering conventional apricots by the pound from J&J Ramos Farm in Hughson, CA. Also coming from J&J Ramos are delicious red Plums and Flavor Gold Pluots available by the 20# case, or by the pound.

avocado oil

La Tourangelle Avocado Oil is 100% pure, all-natural and handcrafted from fresh premium avocados. This gorgeous emerald green oil has a fine fruity roundness that makes it useful for both sweet and savory applications. On salads, or in a dressing, it contributes a hint of avocado flavor, and it is wonderful drizzled over heirloom tomatoes, stone fruit, or melons. Avocado oil can be used the same way you use your extra virgin olive oil, but with a smoke point at 520ºF it is very practical to use in a hot sauté pan or grill. Avocado oil is processed on equipment very similar to those used to process extra virgin olive oil. The avocado pulp is first expeller-pressed usually using a centrifuge. It is then lightly filtered and "polished" using another centrifuge. The result is a beautiful green oil that will bring a delicious, lite avocado flavor to your dishes. Sold by the liter, $55.75.

farm-to-fork events

We are excited to invite you to a summer full of Farm-to-Fork events! Join us to kick off the festivities at our annual summer Farmer’s Market on Wednesday, July 12 from 10am-2pm. Get to know the growers and vendors that provide us with fresh, local crops and products throughout the year and enjoy delicious bites made by local chefs. If you would like to be one of our featured chefs or restaurants, please contact inside sales at (916) 956-5536, or your sales rep, for more information.

We will also host a series of events throughout the summer including tours of Del Rio Botanical, Riverdog Farm, Full Belly Farm, Marin French, Point Reyes Farmstead, County Line Harvest, Ron Kelly U-Pick Farm, Stillwater Orchard, California Endive Farms, Fiscalini Cheese Company, and Sparrow Lane Vinegars, as well as an heirloom tomato tasting, Women’s Day at Twin Peaks Orchard, Fork-to-Cork, and Foothill Hops-to-Crops. Dates and details for these events will be announced soon! Don’t miss the fun!

We looking forward to spending the summer with you!