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Market Outlook - July 6, 2017

'Uncle ray' yeung heirloom tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes from Ray Yeung Farm located in Yolo County have started! ‘Uncle Ray’ experienced a late start due to a strong winter causing planting delays. Ray Yeung tomatoes are highly praised by local chefs for their intense flavor, unique sizes, shapes, and colors. Ray’s tomatoes are ‘open-pollinated’- able to reproduce itself from seed. By definition an heirloom tomato must have been introduced more than 50 years ago and have a history of its own- for example, the origin of the popular Brandywine tomato is credited to the Pennsylvania Amish community and is named for a local river. Their flavor profile is generally less acidic than red ‘backyard’ type tomatoes, resulting in a milder flavor.

We offer a mixed ‘Toy Box’ of local heirlooms as well as the individual varieties packed in 10# single layer cases. Yeung Farm has over two dozen varieties during the season, which usually runs from now through October. We are now offering Pink Brandywine, Black Prince, Carolina Gold, Black Pineapple, Oxheart Striped, Patty’s Striped Beefsteak, Green Zebra, Banana Legs, & Purple Cherokee to name a few. 10# single layer flat. In addition, we are also stocking Shady Lady True Vine Ripe Tomatoes in a 20# case- perfect for sandwiches, burgers, soups, and sauces.

Enjoy the harvest!

Fresh mozzarella

Fresh mozzarella pairs delightfully with heirloom tomatoes to create any number of summer salads. Produce Express is now stocking four varieties of this fresh cheese, all of California origin.

  • Mozzarella Curd– pasteurized whole milk curd from Jersey cows. The most popular method of using the curd is to make fresh mozzarella by first soaking in hot water, then using a stretching and pulling technique to make the fresh cheese. Formaggio de Ferrante brand available in 5# packages-$18.75.

  • Fresh Mozzarella– a mild flavored, semi-soft cheese that is formed into various sized balls and packed in water brine. We carry the DiStefano brand offered in two sizes- 4oz. Ovoline ball-$15.75, and Ciliegine (cherry-size 1/3 oz balls) in 3# tubs-$16.50.
  • Burrata– burrata originated in Apulia, a small region in southern Italy, where it is made from water buffalo milk. The American version is made from cow’s milk and the cheese now rivals fresh mozzarella in popularity in our restaurant accounts. Burrata is a small creamy ball of fresh mozzarella that has been stuffed with a mixture of heavy cream and mozzarella curd, creating a soft center that oozes out when cut. DiStefano brand available 12/4oz., case only-$27.75.

farm-to-fork celebrations


Every summer we host a series of tours and events that celebrate all things farm-to-fork. The fun starts with our annual Summer Farmer’s Market on Wednesday, July 12 from 10am-2pm. The Farmer’s Market features dozens of local farms and vendors teamed up with local chefs preparing delicious bites that highlight the best local harvests and ingredients sold by Produce Express. We welcome anyone in the restaurant or hospitality industry, and we encourage you to invite your staff to attend and learn about the ingredients that you prepare and serve every day. Everyone who attends is entered into a raffle for a chance to win some awesome raffle prizes. MAC Knife will be here offering a 20% discount for Produce Express customers and $700 in gift certificates! Don’t miss all the fun!

point reyes baby cow

We will also host the following events throughout July and August:

  • Heirloom Tomato TastingTuesday, July 18 at 11am featuring “Uncle” Ray Yeung at Mulvaney’s B&L
  • Women’s Day “Baker’s Delight” at Twin Peaks OrchardWednesday, July 26 at 9am featuring a panel of talented women bakers including Nena Rasul of Bacon & Butter, Laurel Sanders Melchor of Paragary Bakery, Misty Green of Hawks Restaurant, and Jodie Chavious of Canon
  • Organic Yolo County TrioWednesday, August 2 at Del Rio Botanical, Riverdog Farm, Full Belly Farm
  • Fork to CorkWednesday, August 9– appetizers featuring Dragon Gourmet Mushrooms at Rancho Murieta Country Club followed by a 3-course lunch and wine pairings at Meadowlands Restaurant
  • Foothill Hops to Crops- Monday, August 14 at Twin Peaks Orchard followed by lunch and beer tasting at Loomis Basin Smokehouse
  • Specialty Cheese & VinegarWednesday, August 23- featuring Fiscalini Cheese Company, Sparrow Lane Vinegars, and Nicalou Cheese
  • Sonoma County Cheese Tour at Marin French Cheese and Point Reyes Farmstead
  • Delta Tour- Ron Kelly U-Pick Farm, Stillwater Orchard, California Endive Farms

Transportation & lunch are provided. Space is limited so please reserve your seat today by contacting inside sales at (916) 956-5536 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to spending the summer with you!

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