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Market Outlook - July 13, 2017


Heavy rain in the winter and spring months lead to delayed planting of the summer heavyweights- Heirloom Tomatoes, Corn, Squash, and Beans. Heat waves in the early summer stunned the growth of some plants causing availability gaps from our local farmers in recent weeks. We hope the availability issues are behind us but one can never tell, as predicting Mother Nature seems to be an impossible task.

This week we offer the following items from our local farms:

  • Stonefruit- Twin Peaks Orchard currently supplies us with Suncrest Yellow Peaches. White Peaches and both varieties of Nectarines are gapping from Twin Peaks. We are sourcing White Peaches, and Yellow and White Nectarines, Red and Black Plums, and Pluots from local grower J&J Ramos.
  • Corn and Beans- Dwelley Farms continues to impress with several varieties of Beans- Blue Lake, Yellow Wax, Romano, French, and Cranberry. Ears of Yellow and White Corn are sweet with tightly packed kernels.
  • Squash- Maciel Farm and Castaneda Bros. Produce provide us with several varieties of Summer Squash including Zucchini, Gold Bar, Ronde Nice, Green Summer, Sunburst, Scallopini. A ‘Toy-Box’ is also available. Organic Mixed Baby Squash and Teenage Squash available from Del Rio Botanical.
  • Heirloom Tomatoes- Uncle Ray has been affected greatly by the heat wave and is currently harvesting limited quantities and varieties.
  • Fresh Dug Potatoes- Bintje, German Butterball, and Desiree Potatoes available from Full Belly Farm.
  • Figs- the Breba crop of local Figs is over, we now wait for the second crop to ripen from Windmill Farm. Brown Turkish Figs are available from Fresno area growers.
  • Melons- Black Imagination Watermelons are coming from Vierra Farm. Local growers have yet to start harvesting varietal melons.
  • Peppers– Padron and Gypsy peppers from Riverdog Farm are just starting.

Enjoy the harvest!


Valley Ford Cheese & Creamery was founded in 2008 and is located on Mountain View Jersey Dairy, off the rural coast of Sonoma County. The Bianchi family has owned and operated the 640 acre ranch since 1918, now occupied by the third, fourth, and fifth generations.

We offer the following award winning Italian Farmstead Cheeses from Valley Ford Cheese and Creamery:

  • Highway 1– an old style Fontina, unpasteurized and aged for at least 80 days. It’s the perfect anytime cheese with a creamy texture and balanced fruity nutty flavor. 8#.
  • Estero Gold– handmade in the style of Asiago, similar to a Montasio, and aged only six months. It is subtle and creamy with a buttery flavor and grassy, fruity overtones. It has a pliable texture, great for melting, with small holes, & straw-like coloring. 8#.
  • Estero Gold Reserve– a mature Estero Gold aged 18 months, it develops a stronger flavor, harder and dryer texture, and becomes similar to a parmesan. Because it’s a high protein, extra-aged cheese, it has little granular “crunchies”. 8#.


Produce Express is hosting a 10 week Farm to Fork celebration. Beginning in mid July, and ending the week of the Farm to Fork Festival and Tower Bridge Dinner in late September, we will host an event each week to celebrate our local farmers and the crops they grow, as well as the chefs who support and prepare the ingredients grown at these farms. Everyone in the restaurant and hospitality industry is welcome to attend any and all the events listed below. We will continue to plan and announce events as they come. All the events are free of charge, and include transportation and lunch. We hope you take us up on this incredible offer to see where your food comes from and meet the people who work so hard to grow the food you prepare, serve, and eat.

We will also host the following events throughout July and August:

  • Heirloom Tomato TastingTuesday, July 18 from 11am-1pm featuring “Uncle” Ray Yeung Heirloom Tomatoes & four varieties of Fresh Mozzarella. The tasting will be held at at Mulvaney’s B&L. Light lunch served by Mulvaney's B&L. No host bar. Stop by anytime between 11am and 1pm.
  • Women’s Day “Baker’s Delight” at Twin Peaks OrchardWednesday, July 26 at 9am featuring a panel of talented women bakers including Nena Rasul of Bacon & Butter, Laurel Sanders Melchor of Paragary Bakery, Misty Green of Hawks Restaurant, and Jodie Chavious of Canon.
  • Organic Yolo County TrioWednesday, August 2- a bus tour to three prominent Organic Yolo County Farms- Del Rio Botanical, Riverdog Farm, and Full Belly Farm.
  • Fork to CorkWednesday, August 9– appetizers featuring Dragon Gourmet Mushrooms at Rancho Murieta Country Club followed by a 3-course lunch and wine pairings prepared by Danny Origel at Meadowlands Restaurant.
  • Foothill Hops to Crops- Monday, August 14- a bus tour to at Twin Peaks Orchard, Newcastle Produce, and Twin Brooks Farm followed by lunch and beer tastings at Loomis Basin Smokehouse.
  • San Joaquin TourWednesday, August 23- a bus tour to San Joaquin County to visit Fiscalini Cheese Company, Sparrow Lane Vinegars, and Nicolau Cheese
  • Sonoma County Cheese Tour at Marin French Cheese and Point Reyes Farmstead. Date TBD.
  • Delta Tour- Ron Kelly U-Pick Farm, Stillwater Orchard, California Endive Farms. Date TBD.

Transportation & lunch are provided at no charge compliments of Produce Express. Space is limited so please reserve your seat today by contacting inside sales at (916) 956-5536 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We look forward to spending the summer with you!

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