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Market Outlook - July 20, 2017

yolo county summer produce

This week we are pleased to offer three new local summer crops: heirloom cucumbers, peppers, and eggplant from Yolo County farms.

New this week from Del Rio Botanicals:
All varieties above are available in a 10# case as a single variety, or in a mixed case.

  • Armenian Cucumber– sweet flesh with a mild, citric flavor. They are pale green, ridged, and slender with a curved shape.
  • Lemon Cucumber– sweet and flavorful heirloom that is less bitter than other varieties. Its shape is small and rounded with pale yellow flesh. Great for pickling, enjoyed raw, or with a cocktail.
  • Citronee Cucumber– another heirloom variety very similar to lemon cucumbers but with fuzzy skin and smaller seeds.

Riverdog Farm has several varieties of Sweet Peppers:
All peppers varieties above are also available in a 10# mixed Toy Box case.

  • Jimmy Nardello– sweet and light when eaten raw but also an excellent frying pepper. 10# case.
  • Pimentos– sweet with a mild kick, these peppers are used to make paprika when they are dried. They are bright red and shaped like a heart. 10# case.
  • Lipstick– one of the most delicious and sweetest peppers with meaty flesh. They turn from green to glossy red when mature and are excellent raw or roasted. 10# case.
  • Gypsy– intense sweet flavor with long, tapered shape. Their yellow-white coloring deepens to orange and then to red as the season progresses. Enjoy raw or roast to enhance sweetness. 10# case.
  • Padron– small, crinkled, green pepper with grooved furrows along its skin. Most Padrons are sweet and mild with 1/10 being hot and spicy. 5# case.

Multiple Eggplant varieties are available from Riverdog Farm and Full Belly Farm:
All varieties below are available in 10# case individually or in a mixed case.

  • Rosa Bianca– mild in flavor with no bitterness. This Italian heirloom is medium sized and tear-drop shaped with lavender-white skin and creamy white flesh.
  • Graffiti– smaller than Rosa Bianca with classic eggplant shape. It has bicolor purple and white striped skin with white flesh.
  • Listada di Gandia– a purple striped Italian heirloom with a classic egg shape. They are tender, smooth and creamy with a thinner skin than most varieties.


New this week to Produce Express is a wonderful variety of cheeses from Nicolau Farms that were a big hit at our recent Summer Farmer’s Market. The Nicolau family has been dairy farming since the early 1900’s. Their farm is located in the fertile San Joaquin Valley allowing them to produce some of the finest farmstead cheeses.

We are proud to offer the following:

  • Black Truffle Casiago– distinguishing notes of Italian black truffle combine beautifully with buttery cows milk and rich goats milk in this semi–hard Asiago style cheese. 6-7# wheel.
  • Capra Stanislaus– their flagship cheese is firm, dense, and slightly salty, with notes of goats milk caramel and a toasted, nutty-olive finish from the sea salt brine. This hard, aged cheese is the perfect balance of creamy and dry. 5-6# wheel.
  • Quatro Pepe– notes of sweet and creamy goat milk with burst of intense peppercorns, with bold and savory notes, are a perfect balance of salt and pepper. This hard, aged cheese has a pale ivory body studded with “Quatro” peppercorns- black, white, pink, and green. 5-6# wheel.

women's day & more farm-to-fork events

Thank you to everyone who participated in, or attended, our Summer Farmer’s Market last week. It was a wonderful celebration of all the local farmers, growers, suppliers, and chefs that make Sacramento America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital. Check out all the pictures on our Facebook page.

The fun continues with Women’s Day at Twin Peaks Orchard on Wednesday, July 26 at 9am. A “Baker’s Delight” will feature a panel of talented women bakers including Nena Rasul of Bacon & Butter, Laurel Sanders-Melchor of Paragary Bakery, Misty Green of Hawks Restaurant, Courtney McDonald of Carpe Vino, and Jodie Chavious of Canon. We will meet at the Produce Express warehouse at 8am and take a bus to Twin Peaks. Light snacks and refreshments will be served. Additional baked goods provided by the women on the panel will be available for cash or check purchase benefitting Women Empowerment– a Sacramento non-profit dedicated to educating and empowering women who are homeless with the skills needed to get a job and rebuild their lives. See RSVP details below.

We will also host the following events throughout July and August:

  • Organic Yolo County Trio– Wednesday, August 2- a bus tour to Del Rio Botanical, Riverdog Farm, Full Belly Farm.
  • Fork to Cork– Wednesday, August 9– a bus tour to Dragon Gourmet Mushrooms, Rancho Murierra Country Club, and Meadlowlands Restaurant. Appetizers featuring Dragon Gourmet Mushrooms will be served at Rancho Murieta Country Club followed by a 3-course lunch and wine pairings at prepared by Chef Danny Origel at Meadowlands Restaurant.
  • Foothill Hops to Crops- Monday, August 14- a bus tour to Twin Peaks Orchard followed by lunch and beer tasting at Loomis Basin Smokehouse.
  • San Joaquin Tour– Wednesday, August 23- a bus tour to Fiscalini Cheese Company, Sparrow Lane Vinegars, and Nicalou Cheese.
  • Sonoma County Cheese Tour– a bus tour to Marin French Cheese and Point Reyes Farmstead (Date TBD)
  • Delta Tour- Ron Kelly U-Pick Farm, Stillwater Orchard, California Endive Farms (Date TBD)

All events are compliments of Produce Express with transportation & lunch provided. Space is limited so please reserve your seat today by contacting inside sales at (916) 956-5536 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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