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Market Outlook - August 3, 2017

sweet peppers and eggplant
from riverdog farm

Local sweet peppers and heirloom eggplant are currently available from Riverdog Farm, a 450-acre certified organic family farm located in Capay Valley. Though available year round, peppers are primarily warm season vegetables that flourish during the summer months.

The following Sweet Peppers are now available as an individual case, or as a 10# mixed Toy Box case:

  • Jimmy Nardello– sweet and light when eaten raw but also an excellent frying pepper. 10# case.
  • Pimentos– sweet with a mild kick, they are used to make paprika when they are dried. Pimentos are bright red and shaped like a heart. 10# case.
  • Lipstick– one of the most delicious and sweetest peppers with meaty flesh. They turn from green to glossy red when mature and are excellent raw or roasted. 10# case.
  • Gypsy– intense sweet flavor with long, tapered shape. Their yellow-white coloring deepens to orange and then to red as the season progresses. Enjoy raw or roast to enhance sweetness. 10# case.
  • Padron– small, crinkled, green pepper with grooved furrows along its skin. Most Padrons are sweet and mild with 1/10 being hot and spicy. 5# case.

Riverdog is also supplying us with a delightful variety of Heirloom Eggplant available in a 10# case, either mixed or as an individual variety. 

  • Rosa Bianca– mild in flavor with no bitterness. This Italian heirloom is medium sized & tear-drop shaped with lavender-white skin and creamy white flesh.
  • Graffiti– smaller than Rosa Bianca with classic eggplant shape. It has bicolor purple and white striped skin with white flesh.
  • Listada di Gandia– a purple striped Italian heirloom with a classic egg shape. They are tender, smooth and creamy with a thinner skin than most varieties.

local summer harvests

We have a variety of summer produce available from our local farms. Heirloom Melons are currently coming from R. Kelley Farm, located in the Sacramento Delta. We are currently offering the following varieties in individual cases, or as a mixed case:

  • Ambrosia– an exotic melon hybrid often confused with a cantaloupe. Its flesh is very sweet, tender, and pale orange in color.
  • Crème de la Crème– the skin is orange-yellow and lightly netted with creamy white flesh marbled with pale orange. It's deliciously fragrant and very sweet.
  • Passport- a green, sweet fleshed melon with a rind that turns light green/pale yellow when ripe.
  • Twice as Nice- canary melon known for its strong and pleasing aroma with a distinct dark yellow rind. It has crisp white flesh with sweet, clean flavor and firm texture.

Vierra Farms is supplying us with Black Seedless Watermelon, as well as conventional seedless watermelon.

Del Rio Botanical has a wonderful variety of summer crops including Champagne Grapes (**pre-order**), Baby Eggplant, Baby Corn, and Baby Squash.

Please visit our website for a full listing of local availability.

more farm-to-fork celebrations 

Thank you to everyone who participated in, or attended, our recent Farmer's Market, tastings, and bus tours. We love spending the day with you all celebrating local farmers, growers, suppliers, and chefs that make Sacramento America’s Farm-to-Fork Capital. Check out pictures of our recent events on our Facebook page.

The fun continues with Fork-to-Cork on Wednesday, August 9! We will meet at the Produce Express warehouse then head over to Dragon Gourmet Mushrooms, continue on to Rancho Murietta Country Club for a mushroom appetizer and wine pairing. We will end the trip at Meadowlands with a 3-course lunch and wine pairing prepared by Chef Danny Origel.

We will also host the following events throughout the summer:

  • Foothill Hops to Crops- Monday, August 14- a bus tour to Twin Peaks Orchard and Newcastle Produce/Twin Brooks Farm followed by lunch and beer tastings at Loomis Basin Smokehouse.
  • San Joaquin Tour– Wednesday, August 23- a bus tour to Fiscalini Cheese Company, Sparrow Lane Vinegars, and Nicalou Cheese.
  • Jim Mills Retirement Party at Del Rio Botanical- Sunday, August 27 from 11am-2pm.
  • Sonoma County Cheese Tour– Thursday, September 14- a bus tour to Cowgirl Creamery and Tomales Bay Foods for a tasting of their complete line. 
  • Delta Tour- Wednesday, September 6- Ron Kelly U-Pick Farm and more. Check back for more details soon!

All events are compliments of Produce Express with transportation & lunch provided. Space is limited, please reserve your seat today by contacting inside sales at (916) 956-5536 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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