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Hodo Soy Beanery

Hodo means ‘good bean’ in Chinese and this is the philosophy behind everything we do. Beans are seeds and they form the foundation for everything we (make and) grow. At Hodo Soy, we believe that by using ‘good beans’ we will make good products and when our company acts as a ‘good bean’ we grow good communities and attract good people. We’ve found this to be true: our customers become our investors, our employees go the extra mile for the company, and our suppliers become real partners.

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NutHouse Granola

NutHouse Granola was founded by a professional chef that needed a premium granola to offer several hundred customers per day but, was truly disappointed with what was generally available on the market. He just couldn’t accept pale, bland oats mixed up with itty-bitty pieces of nuts and an occasional raisin to be considered to be a good product. That wasn’t good enough for him or his customers! So he set about to create the archetypal granola: the kind that your mother or grandmother might have made at home. With a focus on California ingredients, packed with real substance, quality, and flavor, NutHouse! Granola Company brings a truly handmade, homemade, rustic, and beautiful granola that you’ll love to eat...and to serve!

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Amazon Planet Acai

Amazon Planet’s super premium açai products, made exclusively with sustainably harvested berries at the peak of ripeness, provide you with all the delicious flavor and awesome nutrition of fresh açai.

Their açai purées and sorbets are truly in a class of their own, as they’re:
1. MADE FRESH IN THE AMAZON within hours of the berries being picked
(not reprocessed in the US using frozen ingredients or concentrates)
2. INCOMPARABLY PURE (no preservatives, colors or flavors)
3. ALL-ORGANIC (we don’t use any conventional ingredients)

Cordillera Chocolate

Produce Express now offers a variety of premium chocolates from Cordillera Chocolate, a fair-trade producer in Columbia. Their chocolate was specially conceived to cater to the needs of culinary professionals, and works well in both sweet and savory applications. Cordillera Chocolate combines the artisanal secrets of the best Columbian cocoa cultivations with advanced production processes, guaranteed by quality certifications. Cordillera grows, harvests and processes two types of cocoa beans, Criollo and Trinitario. These cocoa beans are known to be higher quality and less bitter than Forestero beans, which are widely used in the conventional chocolate industry. Cordillera Chocolate has a delicious flavor and aroma, high shine and soft consistency. During the conching process, the ideal conditions of whipping, temperature, and time are carefully selected to perfect the flavors and textures highlighted in the final product.

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Tampico Spice

Why are the Tampico Spice Company’s herbs and spices the freshest, most aromatic and pungent available? Because we buy and import the freshly harvested seasonings from growers around the world. Each product is stored whole until we re-clean, grind, sift and blend it at our Los Angeles, California facility, always in small batches to maintain optimal freshness. In addition, each one of the Tampico Spice Company’s herbs and spices is inspected several times to ensure consistent quality over time. Products are tested after they’re unloaded from the container, again when they’re ready to be processed, and once more after processing is complete. Spice up your recipes with delicious herbs and spices from the Tampico Spice Company!