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Napa Nuts

Napa Nuts, etc. (formerly known as Rosenthal’s Dried Fruit & Nuts established in 1975) is a wholesaler of dried fruit, nuts, confectionery products and gifts. When we purchased the company in 1990, Rosenthal’s had already sold its chicken and egg distribution part of the company and had a limited dried fruits and nuts inventory. It was located in a small converted garage with no room for expansion. In 1997, we had outgrown our location and moved to our present “real” warehouse location and changed our name to Napa Nuts, etc.

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Clover Sonoma Dairy

Taking the dairy road less traveled. In an industry steeped in tradition, Clover Sonoma has frequently ignored convention and taken our marching orders directly from you, the consumer. Your expectations of how dairy products are produced and consumed have helped define us and continue to guide our business everyday.

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Mohr-Fry Ranch


Heirloom Beans are an ancient whole food that has enhanced and sustained the health and wellness of humans since 7000 B.C. Their high protein content makes them an excellent low-fat alternative and when combined with rice they have been quoted as “We have grown the world’s most perfect food.” Because of their high fiber and water content they also make you feel fuller, faster and help you cut calories without feeling deprived. Not surprisingly, in a recent study it was found that bean eaters weighed on average 7lbs less than those who did not eat beans. Adding in the fact that beans are high in antioxidants, its no wonder why so many have proclaimed beans to be the worlds most perfect food.

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Mandarin Hill Orchards

Frank and Bernice Aguilar began their adventure in 1947 when they married and started a 50-acre farming operation in the small Placer County town of Penryn, California. At that time Placer County was known as the Fruit Basket of the Nation, so it made sense that initially the farm consisted of plum, pear and peach trees along with a few mandarin and other citrus trees that had been planted back in the 1880s by Welsh settlers.

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