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Local Farm Availability - April 20, 2017


 Del Rio Botanical

***In Stock *** In Stock
Fava Beans- 10# Salad Mix with Petals and Herbs- 2#
Fava Greens- 2# Braising Mix- 4#
Red Frisee Mustard- 2# Arugula- **LIMITED
Red Sunchokes- 5# Nettles- **GAPPING
 Avocado Leaves- 50ct  
 ***All items below require a 48 hour pre-order  *** All items below require a 48 hour pre-order
Dino Kale- 2#  Arugula Rapini- 2#
Green Mustard Frisee- 2# Starlitta- 2#
Red Russian Kale- 2# Shingiku or Garland Chrysanthum- 2#
Cress and Wrinkled Crinkled Cress- 2# Buckhorn Plantain- 2#
Pea Sprouts- 2# Lavender du Provance- 1#
Luther Burbank Spineless Nopales- 4# Herbs- Tarragon, Rosemary Skewers, Lemon Balm, Parsley, Hop Cone Thyme- 1#
Sorrel- Wood, Lamb, French or Italian- 2# Quelete, lambs quarters- 2#
Calendula Petals- 4oz Beet Greens- 2# 
Quail Eggs- 12 count  

Riverdog Farm

***In Stock ***In Stock
Dino Kale- 12 bunch  Spring Green Garlic- 1# or 10#
***All items below require a 48 hour pre-order  ***All items below require a 48 hour pre-order 
Purple Daikon Green Mustard Frisee- **LIMITED
Red Russian Kale-24 count Red Mustard Frisee- **LIMITED
   Mixed Baby Kales- **GAPPING

Capay Organics

***In Stock ***In Stock
Red Chard- 12 bunch  
Rainbow Chard-12 bunch  
Green Chard-12 bunch   
***All items below require a 48 hour pre-order  ***All items below require a 48 hour pre-order 
Asparagus- 11# Kumquats- 12 pint

**Limited Availability **Limited Availability
Baby Mixed Lettuce- 24 count Lola Rosa- 24 count
Baby Red Romaine- 24 count Bloomsdale Spinach- 4#
Dino Kale- 12 count Baby Red Beets- 24 count
Baby Gold Beets- 24 count Baby Chioga Beets- 24 count
Baby Turnips- 24 count Green Chard- 12 count
Rainbow Chard- 12 count  

J. Marchini Farms

**In Stock  **In Stock
Radicchio- 12 ct Treviso- 10ct (Mexico)
Fennel- 12ct Castelfranco- 12ct
Green Almonds- 5#  

Belgian Endive- 10# Mixed Case- 8#  
Red Endive- 8# Coraline Chicory- 3#

Oyster- 5#
White Beech (pre-order)- 4#
Shiitake- 5# Eryngii/Trumpet Royale- 5#
Brown Beech- 4# White Beech (pre-order)- 4#

Castaneda Brothers Produce
**We will update when available.

Vierra Farms
**We will update when available.  

 **We anticipate tomatoes and more to begin in July.  

Stillwater Orchards
 **We anticipate pears to begin in August.  

 **Stone fruit season is anticipated to begin in late May.  


**Local apples are anticipated to begin in September.  


**Beans, plums, pluots and more are anticipated to begin in June