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chopped romaine alert

As of April 17, 2018, at this time there has not been an update from the CDC or FDA regarding last month’s outbreak of E. coli illnesses linked to chopped romaine originating from Yuma, AZ; however these two agencies are continuing to investigate. The good news is that there have not been any further illnesses reported after March 31st. California has not had any reported illnesses. Here is some information about where Produce Express procures its chopped romaine from:

  • All romaine is from Field Fresh Farms, which has not been contacted by the CDC, LGMA or FDA in regards to the current E. coli outbreak.
  • All of our chopped romaine is procured from a local processor in Sacramento, we are not using product processed out of state.

Recap Summary: As of April 13th, 2018, the CDC has reported a multi state outbreak of E. coli related illnesses that have been associated with chopped Romaine from the Yuma, AZ growing region. Here is the associated info:

  • 35 people infected with E. coli have been reported across 11 states.
  • California is not one of the 11 states.
  • The illnesses started on dates ranging March 22nd to March 31st.
  • There are no new reported illnesses after March 31st.

We will remain vigilant of the ongoing investigation being conducted by the CDC and will update you as more information becomes available. If you have additional questions, please contact our Food Safety Manager, Joel Wilkerson, or visit the CDC website.



Blue Lake Beans- 30#, or by the pound Yellow Wax Beans- 10# case, or by the pound
Romano Beans- 10# case, or by the pound French Green Beans- 10# case, or by the pound

Yellow Peaches- 18# case (50-56 count) White Peaches- 18# case (60 count)
Yellow Nectarines- 18#  

 Del Rio Botanical

***In Stock *** In Stock
Fava Beans- 10# Salad Mix with Petals and Herbs- 2#
Avocado Leaves- 50 ct Braising Mix- 4#
Arugula- 4#  Pea Shoots- 2#
Red Frisee- 2#  
 ***All items below require a 48 hour pre-order  *** All items below require a 48 hour pre-order
Green Strawberries- pint Pakistani Mulberries- pint
Calendula or Rose Petals- 4oz  Arugula Rapini- 2#
Green Mustard Frisee- 2# Quail Eggs- 12 count
Cress and Wrinkled Crinkled Cress- 2# Buckhorn Plantain- 2#
Pea Shoots- 2# Lavender du Provance- 1#
Luther Burbank Spineless Nopales- 4# Herbs- Tarragon, Rosemary Skewers, Lemon Balm, Parsley, Hop Cone Thyme- 1#
Sorrel- Wood, Lamb, French or Italian- 2# Clove Basil- 1#
Boysenberries- 12- 1/2 pints Fig Leaves- 10 count
Grape Leaves- 25 count Beet Greens- 2#


Nantes Carrots- 24 bunches German Butterball Potatoes- 25#
Bintje Potato- 25# Desiree Potato- 25#
French Fingerling- 25# Russian Blue Potatoes- 25#

Riverdog Farm

***In Stock ***In Stock
Bloomsdale Spinach- 4# Collard Greens- 12 bunch
Spring White Onion- 10# Spring Red Onion- 10#
Green Chard- 12 count Rainbow Chard- 12 count
Black Radish- 1# Scarlett Queen Turnip- 10#

Capay Organics

***In Stock ***In Stock
Red Chard- 12 bunch  Green Chard- 12 bunch
Rainbow Chard-12 bunch  Gold Bar Squash- 22# case, or by the pound
***All items below require a 48 hour pre-order  ***All items below require a 48 hour pre-order 
Asparagus- 11# Kumquats- 12 pint


**Limited Availability **Limited Availability
Baby Mixed Lettuce- 24 count Lola Rosa- 24 count
Dino Kale- 12 count French Breakfast Radish- 24 count
Baby Gold Beets- 24 count Baby Red Beets- 24 count
Baby Tokyo Turnips- 24 count Baby Chioga Beets- 24 count
Mixed Chicory- 12 count Baby Mixed Beets- 24 count

J. Marchini Farms

**In Stock  **In Stock
Radicchio- 12 ct Treviso- 10ct 
Fennel- 12ct Castelfranco- 12ct


Belgian Endive- 10# Mixed Case- 8#  
Red Endive- 8# Coraline Chicory- 3#


Oyster- 5#
White Beech (pre-order)- 4#
Shiitake- 5# Eryngii/Trumpet Royale- 5#
Brown Beech- 4# White Beech (pre-order)- 4#

 Castaneda Brothers Produce

**We will update when available.

 Vierra Farms

**We will update when available.  


 **We anticipate tomatoes and more to begin in July.  

 Stillwater Orchards

 **We anticipate pears to begin in August.  


**Local apples are anticipated to begin in September.  

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