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california endive production shortage 

california-endive-farms-belgian-endiveAs of August 24, please be aware that California Endive Farms is experiencing a severe production shortage from their white endive roots. The roots are only producing at about 25-35% of normal volume. Endive roots are grown in the summer months and harvested in the fall/winter, then stored at freezing temperatures until they are thawed and finished growing into endive. The roots that are currently being grown into endive were harvested in January. California Endive will begin to harvest their new crop roots in mid-September and hope to be back to full production by mid-October. Production of red and coraline roots are expected to remain steady throughout the shortage of white. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and will update you when supplies increase. Thank you.

 larsen apple barn

Local apple season has begun and we have some delicious varieties arriving from Larsen Apple Barn in Apple Hill (Placerville)! Larsen Apple Barn was founded in the 1860’s by the Larsen family and continues to be the oldest, continuously family-owned farm in Apple Hill. This week we are offering the following varieties: Gala, Golden Delicious, and Ruby Jon (a new variety to Produce Express). When placing your orders, please specify “Apple Hill” and the variety. The first variety to be harvested by Larsen are the Gala apples. Galas are not the best baking apples, but are best for salads, eating raw, or using for applesauce. Their dense flesh is creamy, yellow, and crisp. Available in a 10# case or a 40# case. Golden Delicious is a versatile apple that is great for multiple uses, especially for cooking and baking into tarts or pies. Its balanced sweetness and acidity makes for a great pairing with savory items, as well as being excellent in salads or applesauce. Available in a 40# case. Ruby Jon apples have a creamy, white flesh with pinkish stains and are crisp and juicy. Their flavor is sweet, balanced, and cidery with flashes of spice. They are a great eating quality apple similar to an old-fashioned Jonathan, its parent apple. The ‘ruby’ part of its name comes from its deep crimson color and glossy peel. Available in a 40# case. Enjoy the harvest!


ray yeung hard squash

Ray Yeung is well known for his delicious & beautiful heirloom tomatoes, but he is also a master at growing several wonderful varieties of winter squash including Butternut, Spaghetti, Acorn, Kabocha and, most recently, Delicata and Kogiku. This week we are pleased to offer Delicata, Spaghetti, and Kogiku, with more varieties to follow as the season progresses. Delicata- an heirloom variety with firm, fine-grained yellow to orange flesh with sweet, rich, and moist flavor. Delicata hold their shape well through cooking, making them a great choice for stuffing and baking. Their hard skin allows them to keep well at room temperature for weeks. Available in a 35# case. Spaghetti Squash- oblong in shape with ivory to yellow or orange colored skin and bright yellow or orange flesh with many large seeds. When raw, the flesh is solid and similar to other raw squash. When cooked, spaghetti squash is known for its unusual, yellowish flesh that separates into long, translucent strings resembling spaghetti. Sold by the 35# case, or by the piece. Kogiku- a variety of Japanese pumpkin, Kogiku is a new variety to Produce Express. It has dark, textured, and shiny green skin with flavorful and sweet, dark yellow flesh. Available by the 35# case.


elegant beans and beyond

Elegant Beans and Beyond recently received the Snail of Approval award from Slow Food Sacramento, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting good, clean and fair food. Elegant Beans and Beyond is family-owned by Chip and Bobbie Morris, both of whom come from farming families involved in agriculture in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley areas for generations. Chip started farming beans over 20 years ago when he stumbled upon some unusual bean varieties. He started out with 54 varieties on 180 acres and has now grown to several hundred acres filled with the very best and most popular heirloom bean varieties. Three of the beans Chip grows- Jacobs Cattle, Christmas Lima & Hidatsu Red- have been placed on Slow Food USA’s Ark of Taste, a catalogue of delicious and distinctive foods facing extinction. The dry beans available from Produce Express were planted last year in early spring and harvested at the end of growing season. The beans currently being harvested will be dried then packed for distribution next year. The individual varieties vary in size, shape, color and texture, and are available in 5# bags:

  • Black Valentine– medium size black bean, turning purple-black when cooked. Meaty texture, nutty flavor, cooks quickly.
  •  Pigeon Peas– small bean, beige in color with brown speckles, and sweet flavor. Used often in Caribbean countries.
  • Green Black-Eyed Peas– small, light green bean with distinctive black mark at sprouting point. Earthy sweet flavor & buttery texture. Used often in Caribbean or African cooking.
  •  Runner Cannellini– large, flat white bean, popular in Italian and Greek cuisines. Very smooth texture, full body, and nutty flavor.
  • Green Flageolet– small pale green bean used often in French cooking. Holds shape well when cooked.
  • Snow Cap– beautiful bean with white and tan coloring and creamy texture. These beautiful beans retain markings after cooking.
  • Hisatsu Red– a Native American bean originally from North Dakota. Nutty flavor, dark red color, medium size, and similar in texture to kidney bean.
  • Sunset Runner– medium size purple and black bean with creamy texture and distinct flavor. They are excellent when used as a baked bean.
  • Jacob’s Cattle– plum, white and red speckled, kidney shaped bean. Full-flavored with rich aroma. Holds shape under long cooking.
  • Christmas Lima– large, flat bean, bicolor-cream with dark maroon splotches. They have a buttery texture and chestnut-like flavor.
  • Pebbles– varying colors ranging from white to black, but they are all from a single plant. Their tender skin and mild flavors make them an excellent salad bean.



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