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with larsen apple barn, barsotti juice co. & mai farms
monday, september 24 • 8am-3pm

with twin peaks orchard, produce alive & Stone's throw farm
wednesday, oct. 17 • 8:30am-2:30pm

wednesday, nov. 7, 2018 • 10am-2pm


california endive production shortage 

california-endive-farms-belgian-endiveAs of August 24, please be aware that California Endive Farms is experiencing a severe production shortage from their white endive roots. The roots are only producing at about 25-35% of normal volume. Endive roots are grown in the summer months and harvested in the fall/winter, then stored at freezing temperatures until they are thawed and finished growing into endive. The roots that are currently being grown into endive were harvested in January. California Endive will begin to harvest their new crop roots in mid-September and hope to be back to full production by mid-October. Production of red and coraline roots are expected to remain steady throughout the shortage of white. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause and will update you when supplies increase. Thank you.

pumpkins and fall decorative items

Fall has officially arrived and we have all your favorite decorative items to prove it!
This week we are pleased to offer the following varietal Pumpkins and Fall Decorative Items:

  • Autumn Mix– a toy box case of mixed pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn. Approximately 25 pieces per case. 
  •  Orange Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkins- small (6-10 lbs), medium (12-20 lbs), and large (18-25lbs).
  • Gourds– 30 count case
  • Indian Corn– also known as Flint Corn because its multi-colored kernels are known for being hard as flint. 24 count case.
  • Decorative Fall Leaves– available by the bunch.
  • White Mini Pumpkins– mid-sized, with white to cream colored skin and broad ribbing. White pumpkins have a slightly squat pumpkin shape with bright orange flesh and sweet flavor. 35-40 count case.
  • Orange Mini Pumpkins– available in a 35-40 count case.
  • Mini Tiger Striped Pumpkin– 20 count case
  • Mini Indian Corn– 24 bundles per case. 
  • Strawberry Mini Indian Corn– little ears of corn with magenta-red kernels that look like big strawberries. 24 count case.


fall farmer's market

We are excited to announce our Fall Farmer’s Market is back! Please save the date and join us Wednesday, October 25 from 10am-1pm for a delicious day celebrating the seasonal bounty from dozens of local farmers and producers. We will feature a new line-up of chefs and restaurants who will be teamed with a local farm or specialty purveyor to create bites that highlight the heavy hitters of fall. Also, MAC Knives, who was a big hit at the summer market, will be back with more $100 gift certificates to raffle off! As with our summer market, this is a great opportunity to support our local farmers, to see and taste the bounty of the season, and to talk to the hard working farmers who grew it! The Farmer’s Market is open to any and all restaurant employees. We hope you take advantage of this great opportunity, and encourage your staff, to learn more about the ingredients that you prepare and serve daily. This event is also a great opportunity to see what your fellow chefs around town are up to. If you would like to participate as a featured chef, please contact your sales rep or inside sales at (916) 956-5536! We look forward to seeing you there!

early bird farms

Produce Express has offered local whole grain products from Grass Valley Grains for many years. While we will continue to offer the same quality product, Grass Valley Grains has rebranded as Early Bird Farm. The grains will continue to be grown and harvested in Wheatland, but will now be milled in Nevada City. Long-time owner/operator, Reed Hamilton, has passed the company down to Drew Speroni, his lead miller for the last four years. Drew built a new milling facility on his 4.5 acre farm in Nevada City, where he is committed to sustainability, quality, consistency, and reliability. He is also passionate about educating people on the importance of local, nutrient dense foods. He grows a variety of vegetables on his farm, with the bulk of the harvest donated to families and individuals in need. 


We are pleased to offer the following locally grown wheat and corn flours from Early Bird Farms:

  • White Corn Polenta- ground from organic corn, this flour may be used to make traditional polenta or the hominy grits used in Southern cuisine. It must be kept refrigerated to preserve the flavorful fats found in whole kernel corn. Available in a 10# package.
  • Espresso Hard Red Wheat Flour– this wheat is the premier modern bread wheat in California. It has high protein content, a rich, yeasty aroma with whole wheat flavor. Available in a 10# package.
  • White Cornmeal– stone-ground corn with germ and bran left in. Coarse cornmeal, but finer than polenta. Available in a 10# package.



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