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sierra-nevada-cheese-logo-251x150Ben and John discovered they had a common interest in making the best quality artisan cheeses using traditional methods, while working together at the Gregersen's family creamery, Foothill Home Dairy, a Sacramento landmark for over 40 years.

Ben and John first introduced their cheese products to various local farmers markets. Market demand increased quickly, and soon their cheeses were sought out by local retail stores. In 2003, the company's successful growth allowed them to relocate their creamery 100 miles north of Sacramento to Willows, California, where they are located today.

Ben and John are both hands-on owners and operators of Sierra Nevada Cheese Company. Their mission is to provide their customers with the highest quality product using only the most wholesome milk, free of added hormones, preservatives, stabilizers, gums, and nothing artificial... just great cheese.

Ben and John have 50 years of combined experience and they have never wavered from the industry and their own standards.

  • Chevre
  • Feta
  • Cheddar-Aged Goat
  • Gina Marie Cream Cheese
  • Jack-Traditional
  • Jack-Habanero
  • Jack-Smokehouse Organic
  • Monterey Jacques-Raw Milk

Vella Dry Jack

Made like fresh Monterey Jack and further aged for another seven to ten months. Firm, pale yellow with a sweet nutty flavor.

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