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Endive - Red

Endive - Red


Red Endive is a cross between white endive and Treviso with closely wrapped leaves, a mildly bitter flavor and tender juicy texture.

Pack Size

8# Case


Use raw endive in salads and crudite platters, stuff them with cheeses, spreads and dried or fresh fruits as passed appetizers. Endive can also be grilled, roasted and braised to be served as a vegetable component to pork, poultry, & seafood.


California Vegetable Specialties, located in Rio Vista, Ca. grows and supplies Produce Express with high quality 'California" Endive on a year round basis. CVS has an excellent discusses the growing techniques as well as the history and use of these varieties. CVS is the only U.S. producer of Belgian Endive and the largest producer of Red Endive in the world. California Vegetable Specialties is in the process of changing their name to California Endive Farms to more accurately describe their company.

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