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Tortilla Chips

Tortilla Chips


50-50 blend of thick and crispy corn chips and totopos chips, made with blue corn, quinoa, chia, and maca grains. Perfect for nachos as they will hold their texture when heaped with ingredients.


Casa Sanchez Foods has been making fresh, healthy, authentic foods inspired by our Mexican heritage for three generations. The Casa Sanchez Brand was founded in San Francisco in 1924 as a Mexican restaurant. In the early 1950s, they started mass-producing tortillas for the local restaurant industry, and that business evolved into a fresh salsa and tortilla chip manufacturing and distribution company. They currently make and distribute over a dozen different salsas, five varieties of tortilla chips (two of them certified organic) and other traditional Mexican foods like gorditas and tamales. Their vision and mission is to be Northern California’s number one choice for the best-tasting, highest-quality, most locally sourced ethnic foods. They remain committed to following the Casa Sanchez Foods motto of using only the purest, freshest ingredients in every product.

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