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Produce Express

Produce Express

Company Profile

Our Background

PRODUCE EXPRESS is a wholesale distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables to foodservice operations in the greater Sacramento Valley.

PRODUCE EXPRESS began operation in the winter of 1984. After working in the produce industry for forty years, Jim "Pops" Boyce decided to go into business for himself. Along with his wife Barbara "Mom" Boyce and one truck, they began their venture. What began as a true "Mom and Pops" business twenty eight years ago has grown to twenty seven trucks and over sixty employees. To compete with the larger companies, "Pops" believed they had to offer quality products, reasonable prices and exceptional service. "Pops" passed away in 2004 but those original principles are still the basis for the companies operation under the direction of "Pops'" son, Jim Boyce.

Our Services


Our routes are set up to deliver to your area on a six or seven day basis, depending on your location. Most of our customers do not need set delivery days.

Same Day Deliveries

truck-feat-200If you forgot to order or are running short on an item, we may be able to deliver to you the same day. Please call by 2:00 AM & we may be able to load your order on a scheduled route. In an emergency we may be able to send a special afternoon delivery to you if you call by 10:00 AM .

Ordering Schedule

We have a very flexible ordering schedule. We are in the office to take your calls from 3:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, 3:00 AM to 1:00 PM Saturdays. and 3:00 am to 9:30 AM Sundays. After hours we have a voice mail system to receive calls.

Partial Cases

work-feat-200To allow you to better control your inventory and food cost we sell almost every item by the piece or pound with a minimal mark up. Our "formula" for broken lot pricing is to add $.50 to your case price, dividing by the piece or pound, and round up to the nearest nickel.

Specialty Items

We send our experienced buyer to the San Francisco market six nights a week to personally select our specialty items. We take great pride in being able to procure almost any specialty item overnight. We also have an excellent pre-cut company that will custom cut any item to your specifications.


cases-feat-200Our inventory averages a one day turnover to ensure product freshness. We will be happy to carry a specific brand or item for you if needed.

Credit Terms

We offer all new customers 30 day terms. We mail statements out on the first of the month with payments due on or before the 10th.