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Sierra Nevada Cheese Company


Who is Sierra Nevada Cheese Company?

Sierra Nevada Cheese Company was founded in 1997 by Ben Gregersen and John Dundon. Ben and John discovered they had a common interest in making the best quality artisan cheeses using traditional methods, while working together in the Gregersen’s Family Creamery, Foothill Home Dairy, a Sacramento Landmark for over 40 years.

Ben and John began introducing their cheeses at local farmers markets and soon after demand for the products increased and their cheeses were sought out by local retail stores. In 2003, the company’s successful growth allowed them to relocate the creamery 100 miles north of Sacramento to Willows, California, where we are located today.

Ben and John are both hands-on owners and operators of Sierra Nevada Cheese Company.


Sierra Nevada Cheese Company strives to create the best tasting dairy products by keeping true to our own philosophy: A clean ingredient list, coupled with traditional manufacturing methods. We use only natural, wholesome ingredients and milk and cream from local Northern California producers who guarantee their product is free of synthetic hormones and antibiotics. Additionally, our organic diary partners practice animal welfare standards outline by American Humane Association.

Sierra Nevada Cheese Company is not solely dedicated to creating organic products. Our mission extends even further. Our cream cheese process exemplifies the artisan nature of our handcrafted methods. Rich flavor originates from vat-cultured milk, cream, and sea salt. Curds packed into muslin bags are individually hand-rotated and drained to create a remarkably light texture.

The certification we have formed for our Certified Graziers program exceeds Organic Standards on many levels. Our certified Graziers are third party certified to meet rigorous management standards and practice a fresh rotational grazing system. We focus on bringing unique, value added products to the marketplace. We are proud to be the first to the Marketplace with Reduced fat Goat Yogurts, Greek Goat Yogurt, Graziers certified Raw Grass-Fed Cheeses, and Natural cream cheese without the use of stabilizers or fillers.

In an age of industrialized manufacturing; our pure ingredients and simple processing provide families with the wholesome goodness of authentic, farmhouse-style dairy foods.