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Heirloom Beans are an ancient whole food that has enhanced and sustained the health and wellness of humans since 7000 B.C. Their high protein content makes them an excellent low-fat alternative and when combined with rice they have been quoted as “We have grown the world’s most perfect food.” Because of their high fiber and water content they also make you feel fuller, faster and help you cut calories without feeling deprived. Not surprisingly, in a recent study it was found that bean eaters weighed on average 7lbs less than those who did not eat beans. Adding in the fact that beans are high in antioxidants, its no wonder why so many have proclaimed beans to be the worlds most perfect food.

High Fiber • Gluten Free • High Protein Low Fat • Vitamin Rich • Non GMO

More and more people are beginning to realize that beans are so much more than the few generic varieties on the supermarket shelves. Heirloom Beans come in a number of varieties, each unique in color, size, taste and texture. At Elegant Beans and Beyond, we have grow over 125 unique types alone (more than anyone else in the U.S.), and we continually experiment with adding new varieties to the list. Cooking with Heirloom Beans is an excellent and healthy way to add an artisanal and exotic element to your diet.

Discover what makes our beans special. Between the unique culinary flavors, the wealth of health benefits, and the fact that they come straight from the farmer to you, theres just nothing like them.


“We try to be a company of integrity by treating our employees fairly, by using sustainable growing practices and by treating whomever we do business with fairly. We learned that from our heritage, our family. The secret of our success can be defined in one word, integrity. Everything we do we try to do with integrity and fairness.”

–Quoted from California Country magazine, July/August 2008 issue published by the California Farm Bureau Federation who did a cover story onMohr-Fry Ranches®.


Elegant Beans and Beyond is a family-owned business that brings heirloom and exotic dry beans “grower direct to you.” Chip and Bobbie Morris, owners of Elegant Beans and Beyond, both come from farming families, which have been involved in agriculture in the Sac-Joaquin Valley area for generations.

Kenneth “Chip” Morris, the farmer, graduated with a B.S. degree from California State University, Chico in Agricultural Business and Management. His family homesteaded in Yolo County just north of Woodland, California over 125 years ago. Chip has been involved in farming all of his life and had grown commodity crops for many years.

About 20 years ago, while doing some consulting work he stumbled upon some unusual beans. After doing some serious research, test plots, consulting with several universities and developing some special equipment for the task, he decided to try farming some of these beans. He started out with 54 varieties on 180 acres and has been successfully growing them ever since. Today he farms several hundred acres of the very best and most popular heirloom bean varieties with his first cousin Jerry Fry, on a 2500-acre sixth-generation family-owned and operated ranch. Chip has also worked on dry bean research at University of California, Davis for the past 11 years.

Bobbie Campbell Morris, the bean manager, graduated from University of California, Davis ( with a degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences. Her family started farming in the Sacramento area over 100 years ago, and Delno Campbell, her father and a lifelong farmer, helped get the business started.

Bobbie handles sales and promotion for Elegant Beans and Beyond. She develops and coordinates educational programs and materials highlighting the company’s unique heirloom and exotic bean varieties and handles media inquiries. The farming practices at Elegant Beans and Beyond embody Bobbie’s passion for sustainability, best expressed by three words: Good, Clean, Fair. Good: enjoying delicious food created with care from healthy plants and animals. Clean: nutritious food that is as good for the planet as it is for our bodies. Fair: accessible to all, regardless of income, produced by people who are justly compensated for their labor. “We did not inherit the earth from our fathers; we are guarding it for our children.”